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The 2006 DevCom Annual Meeting


The 2006 Annual Meeting of the Informal Network of DAC Heads of Information/Communication (DevCom) was hosted on 17-19 May by AusAID at the National Museum of Australia, Canberra, Australia, and supported by NZAID in collaboration with the OECD Development Centre, and the OECD Development Co-operation Directorate-DAC Secretariat.

Day 1: Corruption and Governance - what role can communications play?
-- The White Paper - Australia’s aid to 2016
-- Corruption & Governance - what role can communications play?
-- "Corruption is wrong" - A case study for multicultural audiences
-- "Corruption in Bangladesh - A Household Survey"
-- How can communications change the perception and reality of corruption in donor & recipient countries?
-- Breakout discussion 1: Challenges faced by HOI in communicating about corruption and governance issues
-- Breakout discussion 2: Lessons learnt - 10 ways forward
-- Wrap up

Day 2: Communicating aid effectiveness
-- Fragile States and Political Governance
-- DAC theme study 1 - communicating aid effectiveness
-- DAC theme study 2 - communicating aid effectiveness
-- DAC theme study 3 - communicating aid effectiveness
-- Discussion - reflections and principles emerging
-- DAC theme study 4 - In-country communications from a developing country’s perspective
-- DAC theme  study 5 - Evaluation
-- DAC case study 6 - Japan, 50 years on
-- Discussion – reflections and principles emerging and wrap up

Day 3: Communications – a development tool
-- Social Marketing for Behaviour Changes
-- Childwise: Illustration of an AusAID-funded social marketing exercise. Using non-aid case studies, examples of behaviour change public affairs campaigns
-- The role of development communications: in a refugee crisis; in drama & popular culture; in sensitive areas such as human rights in China and with issues like HIV and AIDS
-- How communication contributes to development outcomes: using Radio Australia’s partnership with AusAID in the Asia-Pacific
-- World Bank Communications for Development Conference update and the future for aid communications
-- Developing communications tools at the OECD DAC
-- Experience in evaluating Communication and development education in OECD-DAC countries
-- NZ use of Internet for monitoring communications
-- HOI network business: activities in France since hosting the 2005 annual HOI; latest figures on expenditure on Communicaton and Development Education; future coordination of HOI Network
-- Wrap up


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