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Table of Contents - African Economic Outlook 2005/2006


Part One: Overview
-International Environment
-Macroeconomic Performance
-Millennium Development Goals: Progress Report
-Governance and Political Issues
-Promoting and Financing the Development of Transport Infrastructure in Africa
-Annex: Completed and Ongoing Public and Private Partnerships in African Airports, Railways, and Seaports
Part II. Country Studies
-Burkina Faso
-Congo Republic
-Congo Democratic Republic
-Cote d'Ivoire
-South Africa
Part Three: Statistical Annex
-Table 1. Basic Indicators (Population, Land Area, Population Density, GDP based on PPPs, GDP per Capita, and Annual Real GDP Growth 1997-2005)
-Table 2. Real GDP Growth Rates 1997-2007
-Table 3. Demand Composition 2004 (Consumption, Gross Capital Formation, Imports/Exports)
-Table 4. Public Finances, 2004 (Tax Revenue, Grants, Current Expenditure, Capital Expenditure, Balances)
-Table 5. Monetary Indicators (Inflation, Exchange Rate, Broad Money Supply, Reserves)
-Table 6. Current Accounts (Trade Balance, Services Balance, Current Account Balance)
-Table 7. Exports, 2003 (Three Main Export Products)
-Table 8. Diversification (Diversification Index, Export Growth, Competitiveness Indicator)
-Table 9. International Prices of Exports 1999-2005 (Various Products)
-Table 10. Foreign Direct Investment (Inflows, Outflows, Ratio to Gross Fixed Capital Formation)
-Table 11. Aid Flows, 1999-2004
-Table 12. External Debt Indicators, 1999-2004
-Table 13. Demographic Indicators (Total Population, Urban Popuation, Sex Ratio, Population Growth, Infant Mortality Rate, Total Fertility Rate, Mortality under Age 5, Age Distribution)
-Table 14. Poverty and Income Distribution Indicators (Population below National Poverty Line, Population below International Poverty Line, Gini Coefficient)
-Table 15. Basic Health Indicators (Life Expectancy, Undernourishment Prevalence, Food Availability, Health Expenditure)
-Table 16. Sanitary Conditions (Healthy Life Expectancy, Water Supply Coverage, Sanitation Coverage, Health Personnel)
-Table 17. Major Diseases (People Living with HIV, HIV Prevalence, HIV Orphans, Malaria Cases, Tuberculosis Cases, Measles Incidence, Vaccination Coverage)
-Table 18. Basic Education Indicators (Adult Illiteracy Rate, Youth Illiteracy Rate, Public Expenditure on Education)
-Table 19. School Enrolment (Male/Female Primary and Secondary Enrolment Ratios, Pupil/Teacher Ratios)
-Table 20. Corruption Perception Index
-Table 21. Political Troubles
-Table 22. Softening of the Regime
-Table 23. Hardening of the Regime


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