Development Centre

Régis Avanthay



Head of Unit, Partnerships

Global Forum on Development
Development Communication (DevCom)
Emerging Market Network (EmNet) / Phone: +33 1 45 24 84 84




Régis Avanthay heads the Partnerships Unit, the principal activity of which is to ensure that networks engage OECD partners on priority issues of mutual interest, to influence policy thinking, inform the public on development issues and reach out policy communities within the OECD.

Before the Development Centre, Regis’ range of activities in the Swiss Agency for development & Cooperation (SDC) included the setting-up of a global economic issues unit, the coordination of Swiss positions for UN Conferences on LDCs, Financing for Development and landlocked countries, SDC financial sector policy and country programmes. Previously, he worked as Senior Economist (development) in the Swiss Embassy in India, SDC country Director in Ecuador, in cooperation with development banks and was in charge of a project in Honduras and Central America aimed at reducing post harvest grain losses.

Regis received his Master of Development Economics from the Geneva Graduate Institute of development studies in Switzerland and his undergraduate education at the University of Geneva.



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