Development Centre

Presentations and Speeches by Professor Louka T. Katseli, Director, Development Centre


Interview with the Stuart C. Carr, Co-Editor of the Journal of Pacific Rim Psychology, 2007.

OECD Development Centre: The OECD’s Knowledge Broker on Development, DAC Senior-level Meeting, Paris
6 December 2005

Competing Visions of Development Cooperation, University of Bern, 17 October 2005

Discours prononcé devant les membres du Conseil Français des Investisseurs en Afrique (CIAN) ,Paris, France, 15 juin 2005


Financing Africa’s Development, speech held at the Fifth International Forum on African Perspectives: 2005: What is New for Africa?, 6 June 2005

Introductory comments on the occasion of the launch of the African Economic Outlook, Abuja, Nigeria, 17 May 2005

Giving Aid Teeth, D + C Magazine, 1/2005

Integration, Growth and Inequality: The Need to Integrate the Growth and Social Policy Agendas, 10 November 2004

Comments by Louka T. Katseli on “The Migration of Highly Skilled Asian Workers in OECD Member Countries and Its Effects on Economic Development in East Asia”  by Yongyuth Chalamwong, Thailand Development Research Institute Foundation, 10 June 2004

Annual Meeting of the African Development Bank Group , 24 May 2004

Statement for the Council Meeting , 26 June 2003

DAC Senior Level Meeting,  11 December 2003

Roundtable Discussion: OECD Global Forum on Agriculture Designing and Implementing Pro-Poor Agricultural Policies , 11 December 2003


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