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Poverty Reduction and Social Development: Newsletter Winter 2008/2009


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2009 will be a challenging year in view of the current economic crisis. Our work on poverty reduction and social development will show options of how to mediate risks for the most vulnerable groups.


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9 March

Celebrating Intl. Women's Day at the Development Centre
Paris. Website.

8 April

Launch of "Informal is Normal - Towards More and Better Jobs in Developing Countries"
Paris. Website.


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Getting Ready for 8 March
International Women’s Day is around the corner. Our gender team is currently finalising several exciting products that we will present on that occasion. The new and improved Gender, Institutions and Development Database 2009 will offer latest statistics on social norms and traditions impacting on gender equality.

Detailed country notes will provide in-depth information on the situation of women and men around the world. In addition, a composite index of gender equality will allow comparing and ranking countries in the area of social institutions, while new graphical tools will help to visualise data. International Women’s Day will also see the launch of Wikigender Version 2, offering many new features to explore and opportunities to discuss information on gender equality.

New Wikigender is on the way
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Informal Employment in the Light of the Crisis
The current economic crisis has deep implications for labour markets across the planet. Growing unemployment may lead to higher informality and an unwinding of well-established patterns of migration.

This article evaluates the social effects of the global crisis in developing countries: poverty reduction, informal employment and international labour mobility. It also gives a preview of our forthcoming study on “Informal is Normal: Towards More and Better Jobs in Developing Countries”. 

Recession leads to informality in the labour market
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Find out more on Employment and Social Protection
International Seminar on Employment and Inequality Outcomes

New Publications

  Wikigender: Initiating Dialogue on Gender Equality by Denis Drechsler
(Policy Insight No. 82, Novembre 2008)

At the Development Centre

2009-2010: Calling in Different Perspectives
2009 has begun in the midst of the most serious economic crisis in decades. Finding innovative solutions to the global challenges of development, poverty and inequality is more pressing than ever. Such solutions can only be found by combining expertise with humility and intellectual candour; by letting in new ideas from outside the rich countries’ clubs. (read more...)