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Not everybody benefits from globalisation. We have started analysing how globalisation affects wealth creation, poverty reduction and social protection.


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Our team welcomes new members: Estelle Loiseau, Espen Prydz,  Chunbing Xing and Marine Rebuffel-Amselek.
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15 July

Informal Employment in Romania
Bucharest. Website.

10-11 July

Workshop: Migration and Development
Paris. Website.

24-28 June

EADI General Conference
Geneva. Website.

7 May

Employment and Development Policy Meeting, Morocco. Website.


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Inclusive Globalisation: Creating More and Better Jobs

Employment helps reduce poverty and promote pro-poor growth. But creating more jobs is not enough to prevent social exclusion. Participants in our policy day on “Employment and Development” agreed that “better” jobs – with decent pay and social protection – are needed.

Participants of the roundtable in Morocco

This, in turn, requires people to move out of informal employment. Our study on Romania shows that positive incentives can encourage people to move to the formal sector. Applying conventional policies and instruments such as more stringent laws and enforcement mechanisms are, on their own, often ineffective in achieving this goal.


For more information
  Flagship 2009: Employment and Social Protection
  Policy Day: Employment and Development
  Working Paper: Informal Employment Re-loaded (pdf)
  Addressing Romania’s Informal Sector requires nuanced approach
Can the Internet Make the World a Better Place?

Have you ever felt swamped by the abundance of information on the Internet? With different sources reporting different data, which websites can you trust? Our video explains how Wikigender can help make sense of data on gender equality. Wikigender allows a bottom-up dialogue with users and provides a platform for people to both produce and consume information.
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Informal Employment in Romania
Informal employment is a key feature of the Romanian labour market and a main preoccupation of the government in Bucharest. Understanding the characteristics and determinants of informal employment is of crucial importance to continue the development process of this young EU member country. Our Working Paper analyses the factors of informality in Romania and discusses policy options to improve the quality of jobs.
Download the Working Paper (pdf)

In the media

Migrants – Winners of Globalisation? (in German)
(SWR Radio Germany, 17 April 2008)

OCDE: Munca la negru si coruptia ameninta dezvoltarea Romaniei (in Romanian)
(Wall-Street Romania, 10 July 2008)

Black market labor is encouraged by public system corruption
(Business Standard Romania, 10 July 2008)

Raport: Aproape jumatate din populatia ocupata a Romaniei munceste informal (in Romanian)
(Ziare.com, 15 July 2008)

Romania, EU champion of untaxed wages
(zf Romania, 16 July 2008)

In the journals

Informal Employment Re-loaded by Johannes Jütting, Jante Parlevliet and Theodora Xenogiani (2008)
(IDS Bulletin, Vol. 39, No. 2, May 2008)

At the Development Centre

8th International African Forum
The OECD Development Centre and the African Development Bank hosted the most successful International Forum on African Perspectives to date on Friday June 27, 2008 at the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Employment. People working on and passionate about Africa’s future came out in record numbers (over 500) to listen to rich discussions and exchange with panelists (more...)
Black Sea and Central Asia Economic Outlook
This report, launched on 23 June 2008 in Bucharest, is an assessment of economic performance and underlying policies in the Black Sea and Central Asian (BSEC-CA) regions. The theme of the Outlook is “Promoting Work and Well Being: Policy Challenges in the Global Environment”. (more…)