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  • 1-February-2010

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    DEV Working Paper No. 287: Why do so many women end up in bad jobs? A cross-country assessment

    There is an increasing concern in the development community about the increase in the ‘feminisation of bad jobs’ of many developing countries. Indeed, recent analysis shows a growing proportion of women are in jobs with poor working conditions and low pay. But what is driving this phenomenon?

  • 21-January-2010

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    DEV Working Paper No. 285: The emerging middle class in developing countries

    The shift in global goods production towards Asia is well documented. But global consumer demand has so far been concentrated in the rich economies of the OECD. Will that also shift towards Asia as these countries get richer?

  • 16-December-2009

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  • 20-November-2009


  • 1-September-2009


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  • 30-June-2009

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    DEV Working Paper No 278: Are all Migrants Really Worse off in Urban Labour Markets? New empirical evidence from China

    The rapid and massive increase in rural-to-urban worker flows to the coast of China has drawn recent attention to the welfare of migrants working in urban regions, particularly to their working conditions and pay; serious concern is raised regarding pay discrimination against rural migrants.

  • 30-June-2009

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    Summary Report DevCom Workshop on MDGs and Crisis Warsaw 2009

    Summary Report DevCom Workshop on MDGs and Crisis Warsaw 2009

  • 18-June-2009


    Workshop on Migration in Central America Governance and Links to Labour Markets

    The objective of the workshop is to discuss migration issues in Central America, focusing on themes which have received only limited attention so far, namely the governance of migration and the links between migration and labour markets.

  • 18-June-2009

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    Castillo (2000)

    Presentation Costa Rica

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