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Expert Meeting: Migration and Development


Migration and Development

Looking Ahead


OECD Development Centre - Expert Meeting

10-11 July 2008

NEA Conference B, Issy-les-Moulineaux





The Development Centre's publication on Migration and Developing Countries has illustrated ways in which to tap into the development potential of migration, arguing for greater coherence among various policy domains. Migration continues to be an important staple at the Centre, culminating in a contribution to the OECD horizontal project on "Managing Migration to Support Economic Growth" and a chapter on "Migration and Informality" in the 2008 flagship report on informal employment.

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This expert meeting generated critical feedback on ongoing work for the Development Centre’s agenda on migration, gathered new insights from both academia and field practitioners and provided a platform for dialogue on key issues surrounding policy coherence in developing countries.


Structure of the Meeting

The format of the meeting was informal and participants were encouraged to actively engage into the discussions. The meeting was organised in three topical sessions:

  • Session I focused on Return Migration, aiming to identify the ways return migration can promote growth and development in developing countries. The session brought together new empirical insights and policies regarding rates of return migration, its determinants and its impact on economic and social progress in migrants’ countries of origin.
  • Session II continued with a focus on Migration Governance. The objective of this session was to analyse the migration management options open to developing countries. These fall in three categories: migration policies narrowly conceived, international agreements and non-migration policies. The session focused on the use of these policy instruments and the possibility of reform in the governance of international migration.
  • Session III , focusing on Migration and Labour Markets in China, brought forth the debate on emerging and pressing issues related to migration in China. It helped to draw lessons to be applied for development, laid out potential work programmes for the future, and highlighted current initiatives taken by the Development Centre.



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Speakers, Discussants and Panelists

  • Francisco Alba, El Colegio de Mexico
  • Laura Chappell, Institute for Public Policy Research
  • Sarah Cook, Institute for Development Studies
  • Ben Davis, Food and Agriculture Organization
  • Jason Gagnon, OECD Development Centre
  • Jean-Pierre Garson, OECD Employment, Labour and Social Affairs (ELS)
  • John Giles, World Bank
  • Bachir Hamdouch, Université Mohammed V (Rabat)
  • Graeme Hugo, University of Adelaide
  • Thomas Lacroix, International Migration Institute (Oxford University)
  • Jorge Eduardo Mendoza, El Colegio de la Frontera Norte
  • Matloob Piracha, University of Kent
  • Gilles Spielvogel, OECD Employment, Labour and Social Affairs (ELS)
  • Ariane Tichit, Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches sur le Développement International (CERDI)
  • Yaël Tovias, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Florin Vadean, University of Kent
  • Chunbing Xing, Beijing Normal University



For more information, please contact Estelle Loiseau (estelle.loiseau@oecd.org; +33 1 4524 9559) or Jason Gagnon (jason.gagnon@oecd.org; +33 1 4524 9894).


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