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Policy Coherence towards East Asia: the Role of OECD Countries, 11 April 2006, JDZB, Berlin


The Japanese-German Center Berlin [JDZB] and the Development Centre of the OECD, in association with the Asian Development Bank [ADB], are jointly organizing a presentation and discussion based upon the recent OECD Development Centre publication,

‘Policy Coherence Towards East Asia: Development Challenges for OECD Countries’ by
Kiichiro FUKASAKU, Masahiro KAWAI, Michael G PLUMMER and Alexandra TRZECIAK-DUVAL
on Tuesday, April 11, 2006 from 11.00 to 13.00 h
at the JDZB, Saargemünder Str. 2, 14195 Berlin

Dr. Kiichiro FUKASAKU (Counsellor at the Development Centre of the OECD) and
Prof. Dr. Masahiro KAWAI (Head of the Office of Regional Economic Integration and Special Advisor to the President, ADB) will introduce the subject after a short introduction from Mr Colm FOY (Head of Communication of the OECD Development Centre) and Mr Philippe Bénédic (Resident Director General, Europe, ADB). After the presentation, the floor will be open for a discussion with the audience.

The remarkable growth of several countries in the East Asian region through past decades excited and unsettled many observers who wondered about the factors governing growth and sustainability. While others have examined the impact of domestic policies and their interaction, this book looks at the impact of OECD-country policies on the region in a variety of areas: trade, investment, agriculture, finance and aid, as well as macroeconomic policies and regional co-operation. Further, and most importantly, the book examines the interaction of these OECD-country policies and their coherence with each other.

This book is part of an attempt by the OECD to establish guidelines for defining and adopting coherent policies conducive to development outside the OECD area, thus contributing to the world-wide search for answers to questions of poverty reduction and growth with equity. It is also part of an attempt to provide policy makers in both developing and OECD countries with the tools to formulate policies in harmony with each other to foster the integration of poorer countries into the international economy.


For more information please contact Colm Foy, tel: +(33-1) 45 24 84 81.


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