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Welcome to the Compendium of Practices!

The Compendium of Practices is an online living tool that supports governments, extractive industry practitioners and civil society organisations in learning about how best to generate shared value from natural resource extraction projects. It follows the same format as the OECD Framework for Extractive Projects on Collaborative Strategies for In-Country Shared Value Creation, providing detailed examples on how to solve practical challenges and learn from experience.


Following the structure of the Framework, the Compendium is organised around Five Steps, covering the life-cycle of extractive projects. Each Step includes detailed guidance on actions that can be taken by government, by industry, and by government and industry together, with an emphasis on collaborative solutions to ensuring long-term, systematic and sustainable benefits from extractive projects for host-countries.


The Compendium of Practices can be navigated by clicking through the different steps of the Framework, selecting a specific tag to show relevant examples, or using the text search function. New examples are continually added as they are shared and vetted through the Policy Dialogue. Hence, we invite relevant organisations, governments, companies, and practitioners to contact us ( to contribute to the Compendium by compiling the standard template, available for download here

The Compendium of Practices is a key output of Work Stream 1 of the OECD Policy Dialogue on Natural Resource-based Development, on shared value creation and local development.

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3.2.2.A.4,3.2.2.B.1,3.2.2.C.1 How to manage water scarcity and competing industrial and domestic use

sharedInfrastructure innovation


How can access to credit be facilitated for small and medium enterprises

accessCredit localSupplier

How to create employment opportunities in a remote mining area of Canada 

localEmployment localSupplier marginalisedGroups skillsDevelopment

How to develop a flexible long-term collaborative approach to job creation and supplier development


How industry and government can work together to facilitate the linkage of multinationals with local firms to support innovation and local supplier participation


How an industrial baseline survey can inform long-term strategic planning and facilitate creation of sustainable economic linkages


Mining Local Procurement Reporting Mechanism


How can industry adapt operations to meet changing demand for minerals driven by the uptake of low-emission technologies


How can automation contribute to energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact in iron ore mining operations?


How can host countries benefit from increased demand for minerals driven by the low-emission transition?

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local employment localEmployment
local supplier participation and development,including SMEs localSupplier
marginalised groups (women, indigenous people) marginalisedGroups
skills development and upgrading skillsDevelopment
access to credit accessCredit
shared infrastructure (transport, water, power) sharedInfrastructure
innovation innovation
countries countries