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DevCom/DFID workshop "Communicating Evaluation Results" - 12 October 2012


The workshop "Communicating Evaluation Results" took place on 12 October 2012 in London, United Kingdom. It was co-organised by DevCom, the Informal Network of DAC Development Communication, and DFID, the UK Department of International Development, in collaboration with the DAC Network on Development Evaluation (EvalNet).


Session 1
Communicating evaluation findings - Current practice and lessons from DAC EVALNET

Session 2
Results of the DevCom Survey

Session 3
Presentation of the Study "Communicating Evaluation Results"

Session 4
Peer-learning : Practices from DevCom & EvalNet Members in Communicating Evaluation Results

Session 5
Evaluating Communications: Measurement of Development Communications' Impact

Session 6
Challenges Around Communicating Negative Results

Session 7
Working Session - Break-out groups

Session 8
Discussion on Next Steps and Future Areas for Collaboration


Full background documentation, including the summary record, is available on the DevCom Knowledge Platform (members only). To request access, please contact the DevCom Secretariat.


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