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DevCom Workshop "Digital Media and the Global Goals: Opportunities, Risks and Effective Strategies", 19-20 May 2016


This Workshop brought together members and friends of the OECD Development Communication Network (DevCom) to discuss Digital Media and the Global Goals.

Click here to read the Workshop Report.

The Workshop was an opportunity for participants to: 

  • Share experiences in using social media and adopting cutting-edge tools.
  • Share lessons on how to design, implement and monitor effective digital strategies.
  • Identify avenues to engage with citizens online about the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Agree on ways to collaborate on upcoming events and campaigns.






Agenda 19 May 2016

I. Welcome 

  • Douglas Frantz, OECD Deputy Secretary-General
    - Why is it time to take stock on social media for development?
    - How can we make the most of this Workshop?
    - How is the OECD engaging with and talking about the Sustainable Development Goals?

II. What does the future hold for digital media and online debate?

If the SDGs have a 2030 horizon, then let’s cast our mind forward and think about the future of digital media. How might social media and citizen debate evolve from now until 2030? What new skills do governments need to seize the opportunities?

  • Matthias Lüfkens, Founder of Twiplomacy (presentation here)
    - How might social media & public debate evolve from now until 2030?
    - Who are the government innovators and what can we learn from them?
    - What new skills do governments need to make the most of these opportunities? 

III. New global goals, new social media opportunities?

The SDGs are an opportunity to engage with citizens, and new technologies are here to help. In this session, a panel of experts will explore trends in the use of social media by development organisations. They will consider opportunities, risks and challenges for the SDGs. Following the panel, participants will share their first experiences in communicating about the SDGs. This will help us identify opportunities, challenges and useful ways forward.

Moderator: Bathylle Missika, Head, Partnerships & Networks Unit, OECD Development Centre

  • Aurélie Valtat, Digital Strategist at the European Commission (presentation here)
    - What are the digital trends in 2016 and how can development ministries approach them?
    - What do Europeans think about development and how should this affect our SDG communications?
  • Joachim Beijmo, DevCom Co-Chair and Director of Communications SIDA, Sweden (presentation here)
    - Can virtual reality and live-video streaming build empathy and promote global citizenship?
  • Caroline Castaing, Communication officer, AFD, France
    - How can digital media promote deeper engagement, and what does this mean for the SDGs?
  • Felix Zimmermann, Coordinator, OECD Development Communication Network (DevCom) (presentation here)
    - Results of the DevCom survey: how are DevCom members approaching social media in 2016?

IV. Millennials: what makes them tick, click and engage in development?

Special presentation (video link-up)

  • Derrick Feldmann, Founder and lead researcher, The Millennial Impact Project 
    - What motivates young women and men to engage in global causes?
    - What are the "dos and don'ts" of engaging with them via social media?


V. Digital communications strategies for development 

Among development institutions, the use of social media has been skyrocketing. But to what end? In this session, we will jointly explore the elements of effective digital communication strategies. What goals are realistic, how can we prioritise and target different audiences, and how can we measure impact? This session, which will be divided into several parts, will feature both presentations by experts and interactive small-group exercices. 

Strategic objectives: What can (and can't) we expect from social media?

Moderator: Dan Morrisson, Head of Media, OECD


  • Barbara Ubaldi, Senior Project Manager, OECD Digital Governance Project (presentation here)
    - What are the potential strategic benefits of social media for public institutions?
    - How much open government and two-way engagement is even feasible?
  • Gerrit Beger,Senior Advisor, Social Engagement, UNICEF (presentation here)
    - How can we grow our followers, and can we move from passive to active engagement?
    - What are the principles of effective strategies (incl. storytelling and collaborating)?
  • Cristiano Maggipinto, Head of Evaluation and Visibility Unit, Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Italy
    - What lessons can we learn on strategic communications from the European Year for Development? (video here)

Part 1 of small group exercise: setting strategic objectives for an SDG campaign

Audiences & impact: What can we learn and what should we measure?

Moderator: Alison Benney, Social Media Manager, OECD


  • Lindsey McInerney, Head of Digital Transformation, Hootsuite
    - How can we go beyond clicks and understand true social reach?
    - How can we measure the quality of audience engagement?
    - What can we learn about our online audiences and how can we listen to them?
    - How can we get better at distinguishing audiences and targeting different groups?
  • Rubén López-Pulido, Director of Communications, AECID, Spain (presentation here) (video here)
    - How does a bilateral development agency measure impact?

Part 2 of small-group exercice: define target groups & indicators for SDG campaigns

The pitch: How can we convince our bosses to fund our SDG campaigns?

Small groups will present the outcomes of their exercises. Participants will consider whether their strategies and approaches are ready to mobilise citizens for the SDGs. What might be realistic expectations for the use of social media by public institutions? And how do our human and financial resources match our goals?

VI. Day 1 Wrap-up 

Agenda 20 May 2016

I. Opening Remarks

  • Pierre Duquesne, French Ambassador to the OECD and Chair of the OECD Development Centre Governing Board
    - How are OECD member countries responding to the new development agenda?
    - How can we become more inclusive in our partnerships to broaden our impact? 

II. Strenghtening partnerships to increase our social reach

Most DevCom members want to collaborate with others on big events and themes. In this session, participants will explore the opportunities for collaboration on three important themes: climate change; humanitarian affairs; data and development results.

Before participants break into thematic groups, a panel of experts will identify principles and lessons for social media partnerships, and put forward some concrete ideas on how development institutions can work together.

Moderator : Alexandre Cabaret, Senior Manager for Partnerships, Devex


  • Angela Corbalan, Head of Communications, The Better Than Cash Alliance (presentation here)
    - How have partnerships and ''hypertargeting'' helped the Alliance broaden its reach?
  • Angie Windle, Communications and Marketing Manager, Stars Foundation 
    - What can we learn from the With and for Girls Collective?
  • Marit Hverven, Senior Advisor, NORAD, Norway (presentation here)
    - How can partnerships open the way for more impactful campaigns?
    - Can we collaborate on the EduApp4Syria?

Thematic groups

Each group will be invited to consider the potential value of partnerships on specific themes and events. Participants can share information about upcoming campagins, discuss overall messaging, pitch ideas and explore the potential for collaboration on communications work, including for example, re-tweeting, sharing calendars, or creating joint content.

Theme Climate Change and the Paris deal Conflict, fragility and humanitarian aid Data and development results


OECD Environment Directorate OECD Development Assistance Committee (Chair's Office) OECD Partnerships for Statistics in the 21 Century (PARIS21)


Turkey (tbc)
Better than Cash Alliance

Mapping Worlds
Stars Foundation

Upcoming events

COP22 in Morocco

2016 World Humanitarian Summit

Launch of the SDG Monitoring Framework

Reporting back

III. DevCom in 2016 and beyond

DevCom members and partners will share views on how DevCom can support mutual learning and collaboration throughout 2016 and beyond. In particular, how can DevCom:

  • Provide members with useful guidance on good practices to their SDG communications?
  • Support and facilitate whole-of-government SDG communications?
  • Support members in their development of partnerships with civil society and the private sector? 

Chair: Joachim Beijmo, DevCom Co-Chair

Lead discussant: 

  • Patrick Reichenmiller, Deputy Head of Communication Management Unit at Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (presentation here)
    - How are DevCom members integrating the SDGs into national strategies?

Session 3

Wrap up & Next Steps 

Bathylle Missika, Head, Partnerships & Networks Unit, OECD Development Centre 


If you have further questions about DevCom events and activities, please contact the DevCom Secretariat.


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