Perspectives on global development


  • Perspectives on Global Development 2014

    The launch of the Perspectives on Global Development 2014 - Boosting productivity to meet the middle-income challenge will take place 2 July 2014 Paris, OECD Conference Centre

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  • UNDP-OECD DevCom Workshop “Let’s talk about the SDGs”, 23 October 2015

    This workshop took place just weeks after the UN Sustainable Development Summit and adoption of the SDGs. It was held on October 23, back-to-back with the 2015 Annual Meeting of the OECD Development Communications Network (DevCom), which brings together the communication teams of bilateral and multilateral development organisations.

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  • OECD Development Pathways - Multi-Dimensional Country Reviews

    OECD Multi-Dimensional Country Reviews are a new tool adapted to the realities of developing economies. It will look at how a country is performing with regards to meeting the multiple objectives of growth, sustainability and equity, looking not just at the absolute levels which a country has achieved but also at how the underlying dynamics of a country’s development process affects these objectives.

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The OECD Development Centre identifies and frames critical global issues and brings them to the global development debate through our engagement with global actors and processes such as the G20 and the post-2015 discussions. Our Perspectives on Global Development series and other research on global challenges provide analysis and an evidence base to underpin development understanding and decision-making.

Development PostsThe Development Posts feature commentaries by the Centre's experts and guests, writing individually or jointly on the research, schools of thought, policy implications and trends defining today’s most pressing development challenges.

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Education and skills


Industrial policy


Global governance


Development communication

Boosting productivity growth in emerging-market and developing economies will be essential if they are to close the gap in living standards with advanced economies, and improving the skills of the labour force is at the core of boosting productivity. Perspectives on Global Development 2014 examines the productivity challenge specifically for middle-income countries.


Despite significant improvements in their education systems, many developing countries still suffer from skills mismatches, which can affect productivity and labour conditions. Currently, the Centre is engaged in a project that aims to assess to what extent Togo's higher education system responds to labour market needs.


Industrial policy is making its way back onto the development policy agenda. Perspectives on Global Development 2013 explores how developing countries can pursue smart industrial policy by promoting research and innovation and designing supportive infrastructure and skills policies.


  The OECD Development Centre contributes its expertise to the G20’s work on development as well as the post-2015 discussions. As well as taking part in these processes, the Centre also seeks views from different actors to discover where there is alignment on global challenges and where common ground still needs to be found.  

The OECD Development Communication Network (DevCom) helps governments build public support for global development and cooperation. At DevCom events, participants share lessons and identify principles for good development communications. They test ideas, discuss latest trends in communication and explore ways to collaborate on specific themes.