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The Emerging Markets Network (EMnet) is the OECD Development Centre’s business platform for dialogue and analysis of policy challenges, economic trends and business strategies between high-level officials, top executives from multinational corporations  and OECD experts, focused on the emerging markets.

EMnet events are closed to the public and operate under Chatham House rules in order to trigger outspoken discussions, and share experiences on how companies and policy makers adapt their strategies to emerging markets issues.


A tailored access to OECD’s knowledge in different fields

  • Access to the vast amount of OECD state-of-the-art economic research and publications (e.g. innovation, environment, trade, finance, energy, regions or specific countries);
  • Invitation to OECD fora and events, such as the International Economic Fora on Africa and on Latin America and Caribbean; and
  • Ad-hoc bilateral meetings with OECD experts, for instance with the Development Centre’s regional desks for macro outlooks on Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, China and India.


EMnet events

EMnet events provide a networking opportunity among executives and policymakers, as well as a forum for analysis. Participants are usually multinational’s CEOs, CFOs, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Directors (international development, business development and strategic planning), Chief Economists, Risk Managers, Strategists and Economists, Asset Managers, and OECD experts.

EMnet holds 3 meetings a year at the OECD Headquarters in Paris, each with a focus on a region: Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Besides these 3 regular meetings, EMnet is also having 2 regional sessions, 3 webinars on OECD flagship publications, and 1 pilot working group meeting on "Greening of the Economy".


Calendar of EMnet events in 2015
Please note that EMnet events are closed to the general public and media. If you wish to attend, please contact

27 February | Online discussion
EMnet webinar on the Latin American Economic Outlook 2015

2 April | OECD Headquarters, Paris
EMnet meeting "The Innovation Challenge in Asia"

June | OECD Headquarters, Paris
EMnet meeting "Boosting Productivity Through Skills and Innovation in Latin America"

June | OECD Headquarters, Paris
EMnet working group meeting "Greening of the Economy"

July | Online discussion
EMnet webinar on the African Economic Outlook 2015

September | OECD Headquarters, Paris
EMnet meeting on Africa "Urbanisation Challenge"

October | Online discussion
EMnet webinar on the OECD Economic Outlook 2015

November | Beijing, China
EMnet regional session on "Shared Value Creation and Outbound Foreign Direct Investment"

Another EMnet regional session on "India's Integration in Global Value Chains and Trade" will be organised in India, in Q3 2015 (precise date to be confirmed).


EMnet has a restricted website for its members:
Please contact us for joining the Network and for more information:



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