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OECD Development Centre Seminar on Public-Private Partnerships in Mozambique held in Maputo, Mozambique


In the framework of its activity on trade capacity building in its current work programme the OECD Development Centre organised an international seminar entitled Public-Private Partnerships in Mozambique. This seminar was held in Maputo, Mozambique and it was co-organised with the Steering Committee of the Pilot Project Public-Private Partnerships in Mozambique headed by Dr. Mario Machungo, President of the Banco Internacional de Moçambique and Prime Minister of Mozambique from 1986-1994 as well as high-profile members of the Mozambican business community and trade unions.

The main purpose of the seminar was to support the development of public-private partnerships (PPP) by helping the private sector and government reach a trust relationship, first by broadening and deepening the knowledge base on the state of the economy (quality and accessibility of data), and second by strengthening dialogue on policy issues.

The seminar started with an opening speech by the Mozambique's Minister of Industry and Commerce, Mr. Carlos Morgado, on behalf of the country's Prime Minister. The first session was launched by a presentation by professor Roberto Tibana,a Mozambican economist, on a newly developed composite indicator of Mozambique's economic activity. The meeting then explored innovative approaches to improve the financing conditions for the private sector.Finally, the seminar examined case studies of Mozambican economic activities which illustrate that change in the knowledge base of the economy is required to produce better and more equitable results and solutions.

The meeting brought together experts on the different subjects, but also Mozambican government officials, private sector and international organisations representatives, as well as local trade unions. The total number of participants at the seminar was 107 including the Ambassadors of France, India, Mauritius and USA and representatives of the embassies of Austria, Belgium, Cabo Verde, Denmark, Portugal, South Africa, Spain and Switzerland.

It is hoped that this pilot project in Mozambique will lead to results which will be relevant for other countries, notably the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is envisaged to publish the proceedings of the seminar.