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Louka Katseli: "The new decade could be a milestone for international development"

Former OECD Development Centre Director Louka Katseli has recently been appointed as Minister of Economy, Competitiveness and Shipping of Greece.

What experiences from your time at the OECD Development Centre will you bring to your new role?
Managing and implementing change was the most valuable experience learnt at the OECD Development Centre during my four years as Director. The three main lessons were:

Louka Katseli
Louka T. Katseli, from Director of the OECD Development Centre to Greek Minister of Economy.

a) that a vision of change needs to be developed and communicated early, b) that staff members need to be motivated and participate in the changes and c) that clear and realistic objectives need to be achieved as soon as possible.

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Domestic resource mobilisation to top development agenda in 2010
The Development Finance Network (DeFiNe) gathered last month in preparation for the Global Forum on Development (GFD) to be held in Paris on 28th January 2010. Organised jointly with other OECD directorates, this year's Forum will focus on Domestic Resource Mobilisation in Times of Crisis. Academics and think tanks composing the Network will participate along with the Centre's experts on Africa who are working on public resource mobilization and aid in Africa as the special theme of the 2010 African Economic Outlook. DeFiNe will bring its expertise to the debate, particularly with regards to fiscal policies.
Billborard in Accra, Ghana by Walt Jabsco.
Recent Development Centre publications

Are workers' remittances relevant for rating agencies?

This research deals with two key issues for many emerging countries: sovereign ratings provided by OECD-based firms and remittance flows. Previous upsurge episodes in remittance flows have underlined the interactions between sovereign ratings and remittances. Today, in a context of shrinking world GDP growth, remittances are also affecting ratings in emerging economies. You can read it here.

Mobile phones in Africa: Who are the investors?

Mobile networks are expanding at an exponential rate in previously isolated areas in Africa. About half of the investments are coming from operators in the South, mainly Middle East, China, India and South Africa. These operators are competing fiercely for customers. They have been, for example, the first worldwide to eliminate the charges associated with international calls. Read the paper (in French only).

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5th Annual Conference OECD CEPII, Developing Countries and the Global Crisis
Paris. contact.


International Launch of the OECD Latin American Outlook 2010 at the XIXth Iberoamerican Summit of Heads of State and Governments.
Estoril, Portugal. contact.



Presentation of the OECD Latin American Economic Outlook 2010 in Spain– in collaboration with Casa América
Madrid. contact.


Presentation of the OECD Latin American Economic Outlook 2010 in France– in collaboration with La Maison de l’Amerique Latine
Paris. contact.



2nd International Economic Forum on Latin America and the Caribbean, co-organised by the Development Centre together with the Inter-American Development Bank and the French Ministry of Economy, Industry and Employment.
Paris. contact.

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