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9 June, Paris,

9th International Economic Forum on Latin America and the Caribbean “Rethinking globalisation for youth and inclusive development”

9 June, Paris,
EMnet meeting on Latin America “Navigating Uncertainty: Strategies for Growth and Innovation”
12 June, Berlin,

Presentation of the African Economic Outlook (AEO) 2017 on “Entrepreneurship and industrialisation in Africa”, in cooperation with the sub-Saharan Africa Initiative of German Business (SAFRI)

15 June, Astana, Kazakhstan

Launch of Vol. 2 of the Multi-dimensional Country Review (MDCR) of Kazakhstan at the Astana Economic Forum

15-16 June, Paris, France  Eighth Plenary Meeting of the Policy Dialogue on Natural Resource-based Development
22 June, Rome,

Presentation of the African Economic Outlook (AEO) 2017

22 June, Las Palmas, Spain Presentation of the African Economic Outlook (AEO) 2017 at Casa Africa
22 June,
Santo Domingo,
Dom. Republic

Country workshop of the Interrelations between Public Policies, Migration and Development (IPPMD) project


5 July, Abidjan,
Côte d’Ivoire

Country workshop of the Interrelations between Public Policies, Migration and Development (IPPMD) project

5 July, Paris,

DEV Talks Series - "Latin America in the aftermath of the commodity price boom: challenges and opportunities", with Guillermo Perry, on-resident Fellow at the Center for Global Development and Professor at Universidad de Los Andes

11 July, Paris,
EMnet meeting on SDGs “Better Business for 2030: Putting the SDGs at the Core”
20 July, Paris,
Release of the Revenue Statistics in Asian Countries 2017
21 July, Rabat,

Country workshop of the Interrelations between Public Policies, Migration and Development (IPPMD) project

21 July, San Jose,
Costa Rica
Country workshop of the Interrelations between Public Policies, Migration and Development (IPPMD) project


24 August, Bangkok, Thailand Release of Supplement of the Economic Outlook for South East Asia, China and India 2017, at the OECD Southeast Asia Regional Forum

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 * DEV Talks Series

The OECD Development Centre DEV Talks series aims at nurturing the debate on subjects at the crossroads of economic growth and well-being. These sets of meetings are a way for the Centre to engage with individual partners and organisations through the exchange of fresh perspectives and intellectually-provoking ideas.

The series was rolled out in October 2014 just a week after the presidential polls in Brazil, precisely with a focus on the challenges facing newly re-elected Dilma Rousseff. Previous DEV Talks have showcased Jesús Gracia Aldaz, Secretary of State for Latin American Affairs and for International Development Cooperation of Spain, on the topic “Renewed international cooperation priorities for economic and inclusive development in Latin America”, as well as Chilean author Andrés Solimano on his latest book “Economic Elites, Crises and Democracy”.


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