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November 2016


3 November,
Paris, France

DEV Talk Series - The Economics of Climate-induced Migration, with Katrin Millock 

3 November,
Paris, France
IMF’s presentation of the Regional Economic Outlook - Sub-Saharan Africa, hosted by DEV
4 November,
Oxford, UK

Participation in the CAF-Oxford Conference “Understanding the Challenges of Informality in Latin America: Political, Economic and Social Dimensions”  

9-10 November,
aris, France
Devcom Workshop and Devcom Annual Meeting  

10-11 November,
Mexico City, Mexico

7th Plenary Meeting of the OECD Policy Dialogue Initiative on Global Value Chains

10 November,
Rome, Italy

Presentation of the African Economic Outlook 2016 

10 November,
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Launch of SIGI Africa 

11 november,

Participation in the Foro de Protección a la Vejez 

15 November,
Paris, France

Presentation of the World Bank’s Global Development Outlook, hosted by DEV

17-18 november,
Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

Participation in the XV Congreso de Riesgo Financiero Asobancaria 

21 November,
Paris, France

DEV Talks Series – How to improve livelihoods in the informal economy? feat. Jacques Charmes 

23 November,
Paris, France

Launch of the Multi-dimensional Country Review of Myanmar : Vol. III

23 November,
Stockholm, Sweden
Presentation of the African Economic Outlook 2016  

29 November,
Nairobi, Kenya

NetFWD: The Second High-Level Meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation : "Philanthropy Forum :In preparation for the Global Partnership” 
30 November - 1 December
Paris, France
7th Plenary Meeting of the Policy Dialogue on Natural Resource-based Development
December 2016   
1 December
Nairobi, Kenya
netFWD side event “How can foundations and governments collaborate for development? From country evidence to action" at the GPEDC HLM2  

7-8 December,
Manila, Philippines 

IPPMD Philippines Country Workshop 
8 December,
Paris, France

Pre-launch of the Perspectives on Global Development (PGD) 2016: International Migration

10 December,
Launch of the PGD in the framework of the 2016 Global Forum on Migration and Development 
13 December,
Participation in the GReCEST Conference
January 2017  

19 January,
Paris, France

DEV Talks Series – with the Overseas Development Institute (ODI)
27 January,
Paris, France
DEV Talks Series – 17 Big Bets, with Dalberg


 * DEV Talks Series

The OECD Development Centre DEV Talks series aims at nurturing the debate on subjects at the crossroads of economic growth and well-being. These sets of meetings are a way for the Centre to engage with individual partners and organisations through the exchange of fresh perspectives and intellectually-provoking ideas.

The series was rolled out in October 2014 just a week after the presidential polls in Brazil, precisely with a focus on the challenges facing newly re-elected Dilma Rousseff. Previous DEV Talks have showcased Jesús Gracia Aldaz, Secretary of State for Latin American Affairs and for International Development Cooperation of Spain, on the topic “Renewed international cooperation priorities for economic and inclusive development in Latin America”, as well as Chilean author Andrés Solimano on his latest book “Economic Elites, Crises and Democracy”.

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netFWD side event “How can foundations and governments collaborate for development? From country evidence to action”, at the GPEDC HLM2 (Nairobi)