Migration and development


By exploring the link between international migration and development, the work of the Development Centre demonstrates the important gains from migration for migrants themselves, as well as for countries of origin and destination.

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Drivers and impacts of migration


South-South migration


Migration and gender


Public policies, migration and development

Our work investigates the forces and dynamics that propel people to move – the drivers of migration  and the manifold aspects of migration’s impact on development.


Given that South-South migration – accounting for 36% of global migration – differs from migration to OECD countries in important ways, our work seeks to help policy makers create policies that address South-South migration and are in line with comprehensive development strategies.


Our work examines the relationship between migration and gender and the associated policy implications. We explore in particular the determinants of female migration, the impact of migration on women’s empowerment and their human rights, as well as gender-specific experiences of migration.


Public policies play a key role in maximising the benefits and minimising the costs of migration, both in countries of origin and destination. We explore the value of incorporating migration into development strategies and ensuring policy coherence for development.