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Latin American Economic Outlook presented in Lima, Peru on 13 June


The region’s macro-economic outlook and the role of the middle classes in Latin America’s development are discussed by Jeff Dayton-Johnson and Angel Melguizo at the the Central Bank of Peru on 13 June 2011, based on the Latin American Economic Outlook 2011. The report shows that, contrary to expectations, Latin America’s middle sectors are still economically vulnerable, few have university degrees and many work in informal employment. The presentation will address questions such as: what are the economic characteristics of these vulnerable middle sectors? How do they perceive inequality, public policies and democracy? How can public policies protect the livelihoods of these middle-sector households?


Doctor Julio Velarde, President of the Central Bank and  Ambassador Néstor Popolizio, Viceminister of External Relations will open the event, and staff from the Development Centre will be joined by colleagues from the Central Bank and BBVA to comment the report.


Download the Outlook presentation, The Impact of the Crisis in Latin America was Significant but Transient , here. (in Spanish)

Download the Theme presentation, How middle class is Latin America?  Pensions and Tax Policy, here. (in Spanish)


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