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Kiichiro (Ki) Fukasaku has been working extensively in the following areas: intra-industry and intra-firm trade, trade and development, direct foreign investment, regional integration and co-operation and the "development dimension" of the WTO system. More recently, he has dedicated much of his research time to OECD programmes on development issues, including policy coherence for development, trade and structural adjustment, trade capacity building, aid for trade and private sector development, with focus on Africa and Asia.

Prior to joining the OECD, Ki Fukasaku was a staff economist of the Economic Research and Analysis Unit of the GATT Secretariat (now the WTO) in Geneva (1983-90). He holds B.A. (Economics) and M.A. (International Economics) from Keio University, Japan, and M.A. (Development Economics) and D.Phil. (Economics) from University of Sussex, United Kingdom. He occasionally gives lectures and seminars at various institutions and universities, including Sciences Po (Paris), the Johns Hopkins University (Bologna) and Keio University (Tokyo).



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Books & Studies

> The Miracle, Crisis and Beyond: A Synthesis of Policy Coherence towards East Asia (01/2006)
By Kiichiro Fukasaku, M. Kawai, M.G. Plummer and A. Trzeciak-Duval

> Policy Coherence towards East Asia: Development challenges for OECD Countries (11/2005)
A joint publication of OECD Development Centre and Policy Research Institute of the Japanese Ministry of Finance.

Trading Competitively: Trade capacity Building in Sub-Saharan Africa (11/2002)
By Kiichiro Fukasaku and Federico Bonaglia

>  International Economics: An Asian Text  (04/2001)
By Kiichiro Fukasaku, H. Kohama and N. Fujita. Only in Japanese

Fiscal Decentralisation in Emerging Economies: Governance Issues (03/1999)
Edited by Kiichiro Fukasaku and L.R. de Mello, Jr.

Democracy, Decentralisation and Deficits in Latin America (1998)
Edited by Kiichiro Fukasaku, R. Hausmann. A joint publication of OECD Development Centre and Inter-American Development Bank, Washington D.C.

Asia & Europe: Beyond Competing Regionalism (1998)
Jointly edited by Kiichiro Fukasaku, F. Kimura and S. Urata. Sussex Academic Press, Brighton.

Regional Co-operation and Integration in Asia   (1995)

Edited by Kiichiro Fukasaku. A joint publication of OECD Development Centre and Asian Development Bank, Manila.

OECD and ASEAN Economies: the Challenge of Policy Coherence (1995)

Edited by Kiichiro Fukasaku, M.G. Plummer and J.L.H. Tan. A joint publication of OECD Development Centre and Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore. 

China's Long March to an Open Economy (1994)
By Kiichiro Fukasaku and David Wall



Working Papers & Policy Insights

>  Private Sector Development in Poor Countries: Seeking Better Policy Recipes?By Federico Bonaglia and Kiichiro Fukasaku. Based on Business for Development 2007

Trade and Structural Adjustment Policies in Some Developing Countries (07/2005)
By Jens Andersson, Federico Bonaglia, Kiichiro Fukasaku and Caroline Lesser

>  Policy Coherence of OECD Countries Matters: Evidence from East Asia

By Kiichiro Fukasaku and Alexandra Trzeciak-Duval

Export Diversification in Low-Income Countries: An International Challenge after Doha (06/2003)
By Federico Bonaglia and Kiichiro Fukasaku

Trade and Investment Liberalisation (2002)
By Kiichiro Fukasaku

> Liberalisation and Competition in the Service Sectors: Experiences from Europe and Asia  (2002)
By B. Chane-Kune, Kiichiro Fukasaku, J-C Maur and R.S. Rajan. Jointly organised by the Asia Development Bank and the OECD Development Centre

China Unfinished Open-economy Reforms: Liberalisation of Services (04/1999)
By Kiichiro Fukasaku, Yu Ma and Qiumei Yang

Economic Transition and Trade Policy Reform: Lessons from China (1998)
By Kiichiro Fukasaku and H-B Solignac-Lecomte. A contribution to Different Paths to a Market Economy: China and European Economies in Transition. A joint publication of CEPII, CEPR and OECD Development Centre.  

China as a Leading Pacific Economy (1993)
By Kiichiro Fukasaku

Globalisation and Intra-Firm Trade: An Empirical Note (1993)
By Marcos Bonturi and Kiichiro Fukasaku

Economic Regionalisation and Intra-Industry Trade: Pacific Asian Perspectives (1992)
By Kiichiro Fukasaku




Special and Differential Treatment for Developing Countries: Does It help Those Who Help Themselves? (09/2000)
By Kiichiro Fukasaku. UNU/WIDER, Working Paper No.197, Helsinki.

Globalisation and Intra-firm Trade: Further Evidence (09/2000)
By Kiichiro Fukasaku and F. Kimura

> Development Co-operation in the New Global Economy: the Challenge of Policy Coherence (1999)
By Kiichiro Fukasaku. A contribution to Policy Coherence in Development Co-operation, EADI Book Series 22, Frank Cass, London.

Stabilisation with Growth: Implication for Emerging Economies (1998)
By Kiichiro Fukasaku and L. Hellvin

Macroeconomic Framework for Sustaining ASEAN's Outward-Oriented Growth (1997)
By Kiichiro Fukasaku. A contributtion to ASEAN & EU: Forging New Linkages and Strategic Alliances, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore.



Articles in Journals and in the Media

> Trade Capacity Building and Export Diversification in Africa
Africa Development Perspectives Yearbook 2005/06, Lit Verlag Berlin (2006), by Federico Bonaglia and Kiichiro Fukasaku

> Trade and  Foreign Direct Investment in Latin America and Southeast Asia: Temporal Causality Analysis
Journal of International Development, Vol. 12 (2000), by Kiichiro Fukasaku and L.R. de Mello



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