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OECD EMnet Meeting 11 July 2017- “Globalisation at risk? The future of business in emerging markets”


EMnet Meeting on

"Globalisation at risk? The future of business in emerging markets"

Tuesday, 11 July 2017 

OECD Conference Center, Paris


Working lunch 


Session 1: Global Economic Outlook - is globalisation at risk?   

This session analysed how recent global economic trends are affecting the emerging markets and building on the key findings of the OECD Economic Outlook.

Session 2: Business and Finance Outlook - The future of business in emerging markets   

Discussions focused on business and financial trends in emerging markets, building on the analysis and recommendations of the OECD Business and Finance Outlook.

Session 3: Key outcomes of the G20 in Germany - Implications for the private sector

This session was an opportunity to present the relevant achievements of the G20 meeting under the German Presidency, and to understand their implication for doing business in emerging markets.


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