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11 July 2017- EMnet Better Business for 2030: Putting the SDGs at the Core


Better Business for 2030:

Putting the SDGs at the Core

An OECD Emerging Markets Network Roundtable on the

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


11 July 2017

OECD Headquarters, Paris, France

Room CC 16


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) encompass the most pressing development challenges today and their universality means that they matter for every market, everywhere. The private sector has a leading role to play, but achieving the SDGs requires a fundamental shift in business practices. It will require companies to "do good" by contributing to the realisation of the SDGs, but also "do no harm", and proactively minimise the negative impacts of their operations, including those in their supply chains. These two sides of responsible business conduct are central to achieving the SDGs.


Aligned with the OECD’s SDG Action Plan, this meeting brought together OECD experts and business leaders to discuss how to connect sustainability, responsible business conduct and risk management in support of the SDGs. It explored strategies, instruments and tools that can be used to put the SDGs at the centre of business.


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