Development Centre

International workshop on Public-Private Dialogue, Paris, 1-2 February 2006 (by invitation only)


Private-public sector dialogue (PPD) is increasingly regarded as an essential prerequisite for effective private sector policy reform processes. The development and strengthening of representative and advocacy institutions to ensure the private sector is properly represented in policy and legislative reform dialogues, and can advocate for change to government in an effective manner, is increasingly considered by governments and donor agencies as a necessary condition for the effective design and implementation of business enabling environment reform strategies.

Yet there is much uncertainty about how best to go about engaging the private sector in constructive policy dialogue with government.

To address this increasing interest, a number of aid agencies ( the World Bank Group and DFID in particular) have recently invested in building knowledge and synthesizing lessons learned on this topic. Many agencies are also in the process of rationalizing the support they provide to such partnerships in the field. The OECD Development Centre, who is co-organizing this event together with the World Bank Group and DFID, is particularly eager to see the development of process oriented guidelines for good practice in setting and maintaining public private dialogue initiatives. All agencies are also in agreement with the need to create a monitoring and evaluation framework that would enable stakeholders and practitioners to better perform overtime and maximize their “return in investment” in supporting such initiatives.

This workshop is being organised by the World Bank Group and DFID with participation of the OECD Development Centre.

For more information on public private dialogue and on the workshop please see: or contact Nicolas Pinaud ( ).