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Malawi’s population is largely youthful with 80% of its population aged below 35 years and with a median age of 17. The youthful population is acknowledged as being one of Malawi’s strongest assets, and the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS) II 2011-2016 lists youth development and empowerment as one of its nine priorities, identifying young people as a key group; energetic, industrious, willing to learn and ready to adopt new innovations to contribute to sustainable development.

The status of young people in Malawi is improving, however there is still more that needs to done. The Government of Malawi and its development partners recognize that youth are exposed to a broad range of challenges pertaining to health, education, employment, empowerment and participation as well as subjective well-being. Ushering young people into a healthy and productive adulthood through the right investments and legal frameworks is critical for the social economic development of Malawi and the country’s ability to achieve demographic dividend and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 


The Youth Inclusion project in Malawi focus studies:

  • Rural youth entrepreneurship in Malawi
  • Youth Employment Opportunities, Qualification Mismatch and TVET Curriculum in Malawi




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