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Youth development continues to be a high priority in Jordan. Adolescents (10-19 years) comprise nearly one fifth of Jordan’s population (SOWC 2015) while 68% are below the age of 30. Many Jordanian youth complete their education, yet the education is not translating into a high quality, full-time employment. To make a good school-to-work transition, young people need, in addition to quality education, the opportunities for civic engagement so that they are sufficiently prepared to effectively participate during adulthood.

The Government has been active in developing policies to promote youth employment. As the challenges are many and cut across several policy dimensions, measures should focus on both supply and demand, and be curative as well as preventative. Emphasis needs to be placed on education and training, job creation and entrepreneurship, inclusion of youth in the labour market and institutional reform.


Youth Inclusion project in Jordan focus studies:

  • The Path to Active Citizenship in Jordan
  • Addressing skills mismatch and youth unemployment in Jordan through TVET programmes



Key issues affecting young people in Jordan

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