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EMnet meeting, 14 March 2017


EMnet Meeting on Asia

"Energy Challenges and Business Opportunities"

Tuesday, 14 March 2017 

OECD Conference Center, Paris


The meeting on “Energy Challenges and Business Opportunities”, organised in co-operation with Insead’s Emerging Markets Institute, gathered multinational companies, policy makers and OECD experts to discuss regional energy trends and their impact on business operations in Asia.

The event built on the key findings of the 2017 edition of the OECD Economic Outlook for Southeast Asia, China and India, which put a special focus on the energy sector in Asia.  

 Session 1: Energy trends in an evolving economic scenario   

In a context of sustained economic growth, the energy demand is expected to increase rapidly in Asia. By 2040, the International Energy Agency estimates a nearly 60% increase of regional energy demand. However, the impact of China’s economic slowdown, volatile energy prices and gaps in access to electricity might affect the outlook and have important implications for the private sector.


Session 2: How are energy policies impacting business operations?    

Governments play a critical role in developing an accessible, efficient and reliable energy sector. This session discussed relevant energy policies and recommendations from the private sector, in order to improve the business climate in Asia.


Session 3: Building sustainable energy infrastructure in Asia

Asia needs to upgrade its energy infrastructure network, to cope with rapidly growing regional consumption. ASEAN countries needs up to $2.5 trillion of cumulative investment in energy supply infrastructure until 2040, to ensure energy security and sustainability. This session explored recent national and regional initiatives to support energy infrastructure development, with a particular focus on renewable energies and clean technologies.



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