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Background of African Economic Outlook -project


Although various annual reports on developing countries are published by international organisations, the African continent is seldom covered on a country-by-country comparative basis. One common concern of donors, private investors and local policy makers about African countries is the lack of consistent, reliable, and timely information on their economic, political and social developments. African countries show a high degree of diversity among themselves and across time and the need of periodic reviews of their situation and short-terms prospects is a necessary tool for good policy making and economic development.


The African Economic Outlook is a widely acclaimed annual report on African economies. It has gained this reputation by providing comparable statistical information and authoritative analyses of economic, social and governance developments across the African continent.


In order to better fulfil this objective, the report has evolved over successive editions to include thematic cross-cutting issues and has expanded its country coverage. Beginning with the second edition, a specific theme has been introduced to highlight successful cases of policy reform in areas such as privatisation, energy supply, private sector development and transport infrastructure. Building on the success met by the first three editions and responding to the demand from African and OECD stakeholders, the number of countries covered has increased from 22 to 30. All of the major African countries are now covered, including those experiencing particular difficulties such as the Democratic Republic of Congo.


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African Economic Outlook 2005/2006
Available in print (paperback) and electronic format (pdf)
588 pages, OECD, Paris 2006
ISBN 92-64-022430