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In the eighth century three–quarters of the Chinese population lived in North China. By the end of the thirteenth, three–quarters of the population lived and produced rice south of the Yangtse river.
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In China, in 2006 there were about 19 million passenger cars in circulation. it seems there will be 300 million of them in 2030.
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China: The Largest Economy (Again)... by 2015

The Chinese edition of the Development Centre’s “Chinese Economic Performance in the Long Run” will be published on 25 March in Beijing at a ceremony presided over by OECD Secretary-General Gurría. The book, produced in association with the Shanghai People’s Press, is an update of the 1998 best-selling volume by Professor Angus Maddison for the Centre. For this edition, Professor Maddison has extended his projections for China to the year 2030 and revised some of his growth figures upwards.

District of Pudong in Shanghai. China.
In a nutshell, Angus Maddison is projecting sustained growth for China that should produce higher per capita GDP (on a par with Russia by 2030) and the largest economy on the planet by 2015.

For more information
Chinese Economic Performance in the Long Run (website)
Read the Preface (pdf) and the Summary (website)
The World Economy: A Millennial Perspective (website)

OECD’s Development Centre attracts new members
Four new countries have joined or rejoined the Organisation’s Development Centre. The Arab Republic of Egypt, Israel, and Vietnam, took their seats officially at the Centre’s Governing Board meeting on 18 March and former member Poland has renewed its membership. This represents a significant extension of the Development Centre’s membership in Asia and the Middle East.

Recent Development Centre publications

Wikigender: a new "Wiki" to promote Gender equity

On the occasion of International Women's Day, the OECD Development Centre launched a new interactive website, Wikigender (, to share and exchange information on gender equality issues.

Banking on Development: Private Financial Actors and Donors in Developing Countries

This Policy Brief recommends to exploit the large, untapped reservoir of potential partnerships between aid donors and private financial institutions (banks, asset managers, private equity firms, etc.) in order to stimulate Development.

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Prudent Versus Imprudent Lending to Africa: From Debt Relief to Emerging Lenders

Is China “free riding” on Western debt relief efforts? In order to  encourage China and other emerging lenders and donors to co-operate, this paper suggests a broadening of the Debt Sustainability Framework concept to include both the growth effects of new lending that contributes to better infrastructure, and the improvements in terms of trade and export performance resulting from China's demand.

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The Role of China in Latin America
A Seminar organised with the World Economic Forum (WEF). Cancun.
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Experts' Meeting on Fiscal Policy
Organised by the Latin American Outlook (LEO) Team of the OECD Development Centre. Paris. contact.


Supporting Think Tanks for Fiscal Legitimacy: What Role for Foundations and Official Donors?
Informal Experts' Workshop of the OECD Global Forum on Development. Paris. contact.

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