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Asian recovery gains momentum

First edition of the Asian Business Cycles Quarterly was launched 9 July.

The recovery continued to gain momentum across ASEAN countries in the first five months of 2010. Many countries that experienced sluggish growth before, have now entered an expansionary phase of the cycle. Singapore and the Philippines are registering robust rebounds. Thailand, where political uncertainty had constituted an important downside risk to recovery, is also showing healthy expansion. The expansion of Indonesia and Malaysia are similarly robust.
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A tool for analysing short-term economic perspectives and risk management

The OECD Development Centre Asian Business Cycle Indicators (ABCIs) is a tool to provide comparable information on the very short-term (i.e. the following quarter) economic climate and potential macroeconomic risks of Asian economies as closer to real time as possible.

ABCIs are constructed jointly by the OECD Development Centre and OECD Statistics Directorate and based on the growth cycle approach like OECD composite leading indicators (CLIs). The next updates will be available on 13 September 2010.
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The Economic Times (India): Emerging nations may account for 60% of global economy by 2030.

The New York Times (USA): Poorer countries taking over global economy

Le Temps (Switzerland): L'OCDE confirme l'avènement d'un nouvel ordre économique Continent drives a harder bargain.










14Presentation of Perspectives on Global Development 2010: Shifting Wealth, with the Center for China in the World Economy, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. Contact.
14Seminar "Shifting Wealth" organised with the Center for Global Development, Washington, USA. Contact.
20Presentation of Perspectives on Global Development 2010: Shifting Wealth with the Global Development Network. New Delhi, india. Contact.
29Release of the OECD Asian Business Cycles Quarterly Q3. Contact.






Best practices in Africa At the 2010 International Economic Forum on Africa, jointly organised by the OECD Development Centre, the African Development Bank and the UN Economic Commission for Africa, African Ministers and CEO's talked with us about Africa's growth.

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