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Gender Inequality and the MDGs: What are the Missing Dimensions?

New research on women's empowerment and development.

As world leaders meet in New York this week to review progress towards the Millennium Development Goals, new research by the OECD Development Centre finds that ongoing gender inequality continues to hamper progress on all the goals, not just MDG 3.

Using the Social Institutions and Gender Index (SIGI), the research shows that looking at women's control over resources, their level of decision-making power in the family and household, and their degree of control over their own physical security can shed light on the bottlenecks that are holding back progress across the targets.
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A critical choice for African governments

With five years left to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) target date and with the rate of progress on most of the goals sluggish, it is unlikely that they will be attained. African governments, supported by international donors, must step up efforts to accelerate progress. However, African governments must also be willing to make a difficult choice. In the context of time constraints and limited financial and human resources, they must choose between aiming to achieve all the goals by the target date or to reach a few goals that they consider most critical for their long-term development.
Read more about the MDG's on the African Economic Outlook 2010

Rethinking the (European) Foundations of Sub-Saharan Integration

The Renminbi and Poor-Country Growth

Support for regional economic integration in Africa runs high amongst the continent’s international development partners and African elites. Read this paper here.

Discussions on how best to exit from global imbalances to create a more balanced world economy have ignored the impact on poor countries of proposals to redress these imbalances. This paper aims at filling that gap.

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Call for papers

The Development Centre is putting out a call for papers in advance of its International Conference on Social Cohesion and Development which will take place in Paris on 20-21 January 2011. Contributions from the field of economics or other social sciences are invited and the deadline for submitting abstracts is 15 October 2010. Social Cohesion is the theme of the 2011 edition of the Development Centre’s Perspectives on Global Development.Find out more

Bloomberg: OECD says Southeast Asian Growth may Weaken in Next Quarter Following the release of the Asian Business Cycle Indicators.

The Economist: Special Report on Latin America: Societies on the move Reference to the Latin American Economic Outlook 2011.

Financial Times: Resource curse inflames W Africa suffering Reference to the African Economic Outlook 2010.

Business Day (South Africa): Widening tax bases "key to development and democracy" in Africa Reference to the African Economic Outlook 2010.




23Presentation of Perspectives on Global Development 2010: Shifting Wealth with the Global Development Network. New Delhi, india. Contact.

29Presentation of Perspectives on Global Development 2010: Shifting Wealth, in association with InWEnt. Berlin, Germany. Contact.

13Presentation of Perspectives on Global Development 2010: Shifting Wealth at The Graduate Institute (IHEID), Geneva, Switzerland. Contact.

9Launch of the Southeast Asian Economic Outlook 2010: Rebalancing Growth, organised jointly with the OECD Tokyo Centre Contact.








"The new Asian middle class could replace America and Europe's middle classes" Homi Kharas, Deputy Director of the Global Economy and Development Program at the Brookings Institution, states that "the western middle class has been a major engine of the global economy until the crisis. Asia has developed a new middle class that could take over as a driver for growth."

What is middle class in Latin America?

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