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South East Asian Economic Outlook projects more balanced growth across the region.

The six major ASEAN countries have rebounded from the global economic crisis, with medium-term growth prospects returning to pre-crisis levels, according to the OECD Development Centre's 2010 Southeast Asian Economic Outlook. With economic recovery underway across the region, GDP growth will average 6% annually across the ASEAN-6 countries over the 2011-15 period, which is about the same level as the 2003-07 period.

Despite this positive outlook Kiichiro Fukasaku, senior economist at the OECD Development Centre, said future growth still needs to be more balanced across the ASEAN countries: "The global financial crisis has offered Southeast Asian countries an opportunity to rethink past growth strategies and define new development objectives. Both regional integration and national efforts will help promote more balanced growth in the region". Watch the video here.

To balance regional growth, Southeast Asian countries should take urgent action to improve medium-term fiscal frameworks, enhance external competitiveness by supporting new growth sectors and develop integrated regional transport infrastructure.

New Latin American Outlook to focus on middle sectors

What do the people in the middle – neither the richest nor the poorest in society – contribute to economic development? How well are these middle classes doing, economically and socially, in Latin America? Certainly, the growth of a segment of the population with higher living standards than those of their poorest compatriots signals success in the on-going struggle to alleviate poverty, as well as offering new markets and opportunities for entrepreneurs.

This year’s Latin American Economic Outlook focuses on the fortunes of those in the middle of the income distribution in Latin American economies. The report will be launched on 4 December in Mar del Plata, Argentina. It will also be presented in Washington D.C., Paris and other cities. Please consult the agenda for further details and updates.
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Development Centre/UN: Exploring a new partnership for Least Developed Countries

As part of its activism to promote the interests and concerns of Least Developed Countries (LDCs), the Bangladesh Centre for Policy Dialogue, in association with the Development Centre will organise an International Dialogue on “Exploring a New Global Partnership for the LDCs in the Context of UNLDC IV†in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on 24-26 November 2010. Know more about DeFine

Wall Street Journal: OECD: Major ASEAN Economies Returning To Pre-Crisis Growth Rates Quoting the OECD Development Centre's 2010 Southeast Asian Economic Outlook.

Les Échos: l'Indonésie et le Vietnam sont des marchés émergents à suivre Quoting the Development Centre's 2010 Southeast Asian Economic Outlook.

Vox EU: Maddison’s forecasts revisited: What will the world look like in 2030? Article by Andrew Mold, economist at the OECD Development Centre.

Majalla: The Rising Case of South-South Labor Co-operation Article by Jason Gagnon, economist at the OECD Development Centre.




4 International Launch of the OECD Latin American Economic Outlook 2011: How middle class is Latin America?. Mar del Plata, Argentina, Ibero-American Summit. Contact.

16 Release of the Asian Business Cycles Quarterly, Q4. Paris, France. Contact.

17 Presentation of the OECD Latin American Economic Outlook 2011: How middle class is Latin America?. Paris, France. Contact.

20-21 International Conference on Social Cohesion and Development. Paris, France. Contact.

24 3nd International Economic Forum on Latin America and the Caribbean, co-organised by the Development Centre together with the Inter-American Development Bank and the French Ministry of Economy, Industry and Employment. Paris, France. Contact.








How should African governments engage with China, Brazil or India? Experts from different fields analyse what measures African governments should take in order to engage effectively with emerging economic partners in Africa, such as China, India, Brasil or Turkey.

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