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MAY 2010

AEO finds Africa hit by the crisis but set to rebound

The 2010 edition of the African Economic Outlook (AEO) will be launched on 24 May.

The 2010 African Economic Outlook will be launched at the African Development Bank's Annual Meetings in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire on May 24. This year’s edition finds the continent reeling from the effects of the world's deepest and most widespread recession in half a century. Many countries are at risk of falling far off track to achieving the Millennium Development Goal of halving extreme poverty and hunger by 2015. The good news is that the region has proved remarkably resilient to the downturn. Average growth is expected to rebound in 2010 and in 2011, although the recession will leave its mark. The 2010 African Economic Outlook will be uploaded online on May 24.
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Improved AEO website includes new features

Version 2.0 of will be launched simultaneously with the 2010 African Economic Outlook in Abidjan. Head of Publications and New Media at the OECD Development Centre, Olivier Puech, stated that "The enhanced capabilities of the website will allow visitors to manipulate data for their own research. The site now features dynamic charts and allows open and free access to all of its databases. These developments move this website yet another step closer to becoming the most valuable and trusted source of information on African economies on the web".

South America for the Chinese? A trade-based analysis

Productivity and factor accumulation in Latin America and the Caribbean

Is South America cursed by its natural resources? Does China's penetration of the region renew South America's comparative advantage in natural resources? Does South America’s trade specialisation stand in the way of regional integration? Insights and answers here

This paper combines development and growth accounting exercises with economic theory to estimate the relative importance of total factor productivity and the accumulation of factors of production in the economic performance of Latin America. Read it here

OECD's Gurría mourns death of economist Angus Maddison

OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría lamented the recent death of the distinguished British economist Angus Maddison, who held a number of senior posts at the OECD and its fore-runner, the Organisation for European Economic Cooperation, between 1953 and 1978. Find out more

Hoy (Dominican Republic): OCDE da pronóstico positivo economÃía AL Quote of Christian Daude, researcher at the OECD Development Centre.

La Tercera (Chile): La Moneda alista anuncio de creación de Ministerio de Desarrollo Social para 21 de mayo Quote of Mario Pezzini, Director Ad Interim, OECD Development Centre

France 24: Africa economy: waiting for takeoff? Henri-Bernard Solignac-Lecomte, Head of Unit, Europe, Middle East & Africa, OECD Development Centre.




24 Official Launch of the African Economic Outlook 2010 during the Annual Meetings of the African Development Bank, Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. Contact.
26 Presentation of the African Economic Outlook 2010, UK Parliament, London with the Royal African Society. Contact.
26 Presentation of the African Economic Outlook 2010 in collaboration with the Afrikanischen Entwicklungsbank, and the UN Wirtschaftskommission für Afrika, Berlin, Germany. Contact.
29 Workshop "Maximising Outcomes with Minimum Resources for Development Communication" - organised by DevCom with MFA Israel, Haifa, Israel. Contact.

11 10th International Economic Forum on Africa - organised with the African Development Bank and the French Ministry of Economy, Industry and Employment, Paris, France. Contact.
16 Official Launch of Perspectives on Global Development, Paris, OECD Headquarters. Contact.
21 Southeast Asian Economic Outlook (SAEO) Seminar: "Fostering Growth and Regional Integration in ASEAN", Bangkok, Thailand. Contact.








What does "middle class" mean in Latin America? Perspectives from Latin American policymakers and businessmen.

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