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Latin American Economic Outlook warns of the risk faced by the middle sectors of falling into poverty.

Even though the growing middle class in Latin America is becoming an engine of economic progress, this group remains economically vulnerable when compared with high income OECD countries, according to the OECD Development Centre’s Latin American Economic Outlook 2010.

‘A growing and vibrant middle class is a sign of good economic prospects in Latin America,’—said Ãngel Gurría, Secretary General of the OECD —‘However, Latin Americans in the middle of the income distribution still face serious hurdles.’ Therefore, Latin American governments must ensure that they do not fall down the economic ladder. Labour market informality remains high among this segment of the population. As informality goes hand-in-hand with low social-protection coverage, fewer than half of these workers will benefit from a social safety net when they get old or lose their jobs. Read the press release.

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. hits the net is the latest evolution of the annual Latin American Economic Outlook report, essentially bringing its trusted, high quality content into the digital age. Its wide country coverage and methods of analysis are essential for anyone seeking to understand the economic, social and political developments of Latin American countries. Browse it!

RFI: La vulnerabilidad de la clase media latinoamericana Quoting the OECD Development Centre's Latin American Economic Outlook 2011.

BBC Mundo: Preocupa la desprotección de la clase media en A. Latina Quoting the Development Centre's Latin American Economic Outlook 2011.

La Tercera: Ocde calcula que el 49 percent de la población en Chile pertenece a la clase media Quoting the Centre's Latin American Economic Outlook 2011.

El País: La riqueza cambiante de las naciones Quoting the Centre's Perspectives on Global Development 2010.




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24 3rd International Economic Forum on Latin America and the Caribbean. Paris, France. Contact.

23 Release of the Asian Business Cycles Quarterly, Q1. Paris, France. Contact.








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