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SME policy reform needed to boost Latin America's slowing growth

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The global economic outlook calls for Latin America to speed up structural change to increase productivity in the region, according to OECD Secretary-General Ángel Gurría who launched the Latin-American Economic Outlook 2013: SME policies for structural change, at the Ibero-American summit of heads of state in Cadiz. Produced jointly with UN-ECLAC, the report highlights the catalytic role SMEs can play in the region, particularly by by driving up productivity. Tapping into this potential will require a more integrated approach to policies particularly in the areas of finance, skills and training, the dissemination of technology, as well as strengthening inter-firm linkages.

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Going beyond GDP at the 4th OECD World Forum on Measuring Well-Being

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Since the onset of the 2008 economic crisis, the OECD has been working with governments to "go beyond GDP" and create new tools for measuring progress in societies. Well-being has emerged as a relevant complementary metric, and was at the heart of discussion at the 4th OECD World Forum on Measuring Well-Being for Development and Policy Making. Close to 1000 delegates from more than 70 countries came together to discuss how this and related initiatives could be useful for measurement and policy in non-OECD countries. Youth employment, skills, gender and social cohesion were high on the agenda.

Social cohesion in a shifting world

Rapid growth in emerging economies is also associated with new stresses and strains – rising income inequalities, persisting vulnerabilities, citizens' rising expectations of standards of living and access to opportunity. Higher growth has not automatically translated into higher life satisfaction. In this context, strengthening social cohesion becomes a critical common policy objective. The Global Development Network – Development Centre Joint Policy Dialogue enriched the debate on well-being by exploring how policies need to be reassessed and reshaped to build more cohesive societies.

Wikiprogress Networks

With over 900,000 unique visitors through October, 2000 editors and 20 partners, The Development Centre's Wikigender has contributed to global knowledge on gender equality emphasizing partnerships and wide participation in policy dialogue. Wikigender's powerful presence since 2008 is now harnessing global voices via debates on climate change, rural women and engaging men. These debates are finding their way into the Commission on the Status of Women, Gendernet and workshops at the national level. Voices traditionally left out of the conversation are welcomed via Wikigender's open registration and global reach. Wikigender is also working with Universities around the world to engage students in their classroom work on gender equality. Also during the session Wikiprogress brought together Save the Children who presented Wikichild, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa presenting Wikiprogress Africa and Foro Consultivo Cientifico Y Technologico for Wikiprogress America Latina.

Social Institutions and Gender Index

The Development Centre presented the 2012 SIGI results and discussed India's Social Institutions and Gender Index (SIGI) project. The seminar's focus on a holistic approach to measuring and understanding gender equality reflected the overall theme of the conference. The Development Centre and the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation and Administrative Staff College of India highlighted the importance of measuring discriminatory social institutions to inform the development of responsive policies in India. Following the seminar, the next stages of the project are to select the five states in India where the pilot study will be undertaken and the development of an India-specific SIGI framework.

Web 2.0 & Social Media in Development Communication

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 The workshop "Web 2.0 & Social Media in Development Communication" enabled development experts to grasp the potential of social media and strategically use Web 2.0 tools to publish development results. Participants learnt from organisations that effectively use Web 2.0 tools for awareness-raising and public debate, discovered tips on increasing the impact of communication on Facebook, Twitter or blogs, and discussed the basics of social media monitoring and evaluation. They took away practical tips for building a social media strategy to support their communication goals and also discussed monitoring and evaluation of communication activities. The workshop "Communicating Evaluation Results" facilitated cross-network knowledge sharing and improve the practice of effective communication based on successes, failures and lessons learned in delivering development results. Co-organised with the UK Department of International Development (DFID), both workshops were held on 11 & 12 October in London. 

Regional Conference "Promoting Youth employment in West Africa"

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The objective of this conference was to bring together policymakers, experts, private sector, youth and civil society organisations to discuss how to improve employment opportunities, and therefore living conditions of youth in the region, as African leaders have confirmed since the launch of the African economic outlook this May. The conference was an opportunity to identify bottlenecks keeping youth from entering the job market and try to find actions to overcome them, with concrete proposals and follow-up actions with measurable results. The conference programme covered two main themes: 1) Education Models, Trainings and Skills needed for Africa's youth and Development in West Africa; 2) Job-creating Growth Strategies, Economic Policies and Business models for West Africa.

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SME policy reform needed to boost Latin America's slowing growth

Going beyond GDP at the 4th OECD World Forum on Measuring Well-Being

Web 2.0 & Social Media in Development Communication

Regional Conference "Promoting Youth employment in West Africa"

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• Cadiz, 16/11/2012

Launch Latin American Economic Outlook

SME Policies for structural change

• Cambodia, 17/11/2012

Launch Southeast Asian Economic Outlook 2013 with perspectives on China and India
Presented during the ASEAN Business Investment Summit 2012.

• Paris, 21/11/2012

Global Forum on Public Governance

Did you know?

… Large firms in Latin America are up to six times more productive than small firms, while in OECD countries this gap is just 2.4 times.

… While SMEs represent 99% of all firms and account for 67% of total employment in Latin America, they contribute much less to GDP and exports.

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