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Rural development policies: New OECD comparative study takes a closer look at the Korean experience

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The OECD Development Centre embarks on a new project to compare rural development policies in OECD and developing countries. The project will stylise these experiences into policy guidance that can be shared with developing countries. It will look in particular at the role of social capital as a determinant of success for community-driven development as well as identify the types of public policies needed to transform rural areas into sustainable local economies. The final report will include a policy guidance toolkit for designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating rural development programmes to help governments and development co-operation agencies tackle the challenges of unbalanced territorial development and foster local economic growth and rural poverty reduction.

The starting point of this joint project with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will be Korea’s flagship rural programme, Saemaul Undong. Saemaul Undong was a community-based approach which combined a mix of top-down and bottom-up initiatives, including a strong social capital building component.

The 2-year project will carry out in-depth reviews of two additional countries. The project was launched in Seoul on 9 January 2014 at a press conference, followed by a seminar with national experts to determine the scope of the review.

Inaugural Meeting of the Policy Dialogue on Natural Resource-Based Development

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Twenty-five delegations from Africa, Asia, Europe, North- and Latin America met at the OECD to launch a multi-year structured process to foster knowledge sharing and peer learning among producing countries - OECD member and partner countries alike - on how to best harness natural resources for development and have a multiplier effect on the local economy. This new initiative is part of the OECD response to tackling development challenges.

In the context of the emergence of new drivers of growth and new classes of consumers, the rising demand for natural resources offers resource-rich developing countries a window of opportunity to escape the vicious cycle of poverty by reaping the developmental benefits from the exploitation of natural resource endowments to promote more inclusive and broad-based development.

Representatives from multinational mining, oil & gas companies, think tanks, foundations and civil society organisations joined the multi-stakeholder consultation organised as part of the inaugural meeting. Participating countries identified four thematic areas for future work in 2014-2015: (i) shared value creation and local development; (ii) revenue spending and stabilisation funds; (iii) comparative analysis of contractual provisions (including fiscal and financial aspects); (iv) high-risk profile of corruptive behaviours in the extractive sector.

Further information on the OECD’s policy dialogue on natural resources can be found here.

Launch of the Revenue Statistics in Latin America 2014

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A strong set of comparative data is key to facilitating fiscal policy dialogue and the assessment of alternative fiscal reforms. The statistical work presented in this publication aims to provide internationally comparable data on tax levels and tax structures for a selection of Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) countries to help with the task of fiscal policy makers.

The OECD Development Centre will launch the Revenue Statistics in Latin America 2014 on 20 January at the 26th Regional Seminar on Fiscal Policy in Santiago, Chile. This third edition of the publication contains updated and revised data for 18 Latin American countries over an extended time period (1990-2012), and shows detailed tax breakdowns by country and level of government.

This year, the book contains a special feature on fiscal revenues from non-renewable natural resources in Latin America, along with a discussion of fiscal regimes and policy measures aimed at increasing the fiscal contribution of these resources.

Follow the launch live on Twitter with #RevStats

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Rural development policies: New OECD comparative study takes a closer look at the Korean experience

Inaugural Meeting of the Policy Dialogue on Natural Resource-Based Development

Launch of the Revenue Statistics in Latin America 2014

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• Santiago, 20/01/2014

Launch of the Revenue Statistics in Latin America

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Presentation of the Latin American Economic Outlook at the Maison de l'Amérique Latine

• Madrid, 19/02/2014
Presentation of the Latin American Economic Outlook at the Fundación Ramón Areces

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