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Is Informal Normal?

Two billion people, or two- thirds of the global labour force, work in the informal sector. These workers receive low wages and have no formal contracts or benefits. Compounding matters, formal sector job loss is likely to increase during the current economic crisis. Is Informal Normal?, a new study by OECD Development Centre, provides evidence and guidance for policy makers on promoting more and better jobs for all.

Take a look at the book's page.
Get to know more about employment and inequality.
Register for the African Forum and Have Your Say
Leading political and business figures meet every year at Europe's largest and most important event on Africa, the International Economic Forum on Africa. Over 500 journalists, business people, development cooperation professionals, researchers, civil society representatives and students engage with them to debate the findings of the latest edition of the African Economic Outlook (AEO).

You can register now here, journalists please register here.
Recent Development Centre publications

Implications of the Financial Crisis for Developent Finance and Global Governance

This working paper explores the prospects for development finance and global governance, especially from the perspective of low-income countries. These countries were not responsible for the crisis but are now suffering its consequences. To avoid turning the credit crisis into a credibility crisis, global governance and regulatory reform will need to fully take into account their voices and interests. Read how here.

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Presentation of the Latin American Economic Outlook 2009 at the World Economic Forum
Rio de



Official Launch of the 2009 African Economic Outlook: Innovation in nformation and Communication Technology in Africa.


European Official Launch of the 2009 African Economic Outlook - With a press conference at the Centre d'accueil de la presse étrangère (CAP).

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