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EMnet Africa meeting, 6 October 2015


The EMnet meeting "Betting on a Growing Market: Urbanisation, Demographic Boom and Opportunities in Africa" took place on 6 October at the OECD Headquarters in Paris, France.

Participants discussed the business opportunities and challenges that will arise with the unprecedented demographic and urban growth that Africa will experience in the first half of this century.

Session 1: Can the private sector take advantage of urbanisation and population growth?

This session discussed how foreign direct investments in the continent are responding to growing population and urbanisation trends in Africa.

Session 2: Scaling up infrastructure to meet a growing energy demand

This session examined how to enhance energy and electricity infrastructure in Africa, to meet a growing demand from the population and the private sector.

Experts panels held in parallel

Session 3
Redesigning African cities
Session 4
Risk management to support responsible foreign investment in Africa

This session looked into the business opportunities generated by rapid industrialisation in Africa

This session discussed how enterprises manage risks associated with particular sectors and regions in Africa

Session 5
Key levers of industrialisation in Africa

Session 6
Trends in regional integration and oppportunities for businesses

This session discussed how to take advantage of opportunities for manufacturing in Africa

This session discussed the current integration trends and how businesses can take advantage of them



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