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EMnet Africa meeting, 30 September 2016


The EMnet meeting "Investing in Growing African Cities" took place on 30 September 2016 at the OECD Headquarters in Paris.

Back-to-back were held in the margins of the 16th International Economic Forum on Africa, this business meeting brought together executives from multinational companies, policy makers and OECD experts, to discuss trade and investment opportunities stemming from urbanisation on the African continent.

Session 1: Mobilising the private sector for Africa's urbanisation

As highlighted by the 2016 edition of the African Economic Outlook, urbanisation is happening at a historically rapid pace coupled with unprecedented demographic growth. The population living in cities doubled in 20 years to reach 472 million in 2015. This session discussed how urbanisation is shaping the region economically and showcase opportunities for the private sector.

Session 2: Building new infrastructure for growing cities

In Africa, two-thirds of urban infrastructure investments are to be made between now and 2050. Discussions focused on the vast potential for the private sector to contribute to future urban infrastructure development in the continent.

Experts panels held in parallel

Session 3
Innovative technologies for efficient and sustainable African cities
Session 4
Accessing urban markets in Africa

New technologies are driving the development of efficient and sustainable cities. This session will discussed how the private sector can provide innovative solutions for Africa’s urban development.

A tailored strategy, strong partnerships and efficient logistics network can facilitate urban market access, scale-up operations and increase profitability. How are companies overcoming market access challenges?

Session 5
Business opportunities in fast-growing East Africa

Session 6
Investing in West African cities

In 2016, East Africa is forecasted to record the continent’s highest regional GDP growth and urbanisation rate. This session discussed the emerging investment opportunities driven by this momentum.

The session looked into West Africa which is characterised by a high concentration of large cities and rapid urbanisation. How can the private sector support the development of cities in the region?



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