Philanthropy and private sector


  • Engaging with the Public: 12 Lessons from DAC Peer Reviews

    This booklet highlights key lessons learned on engaging with the public based on DAC members’ practices as documented in peer reviews, DevCom’s reports and publications and wider work from across the OECD.

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  • OECD EMnet

    The Emerging Markets Network (EMnet) was established in 2006 by the OECD Development Centre as a platform of analysis, dialogue and experience sharing between OECD-based multinational corporations and their counterparts from emerging countries.

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  • netFWD - Global Network of Foundations Working for Development

    The Global Network of Foundations Working for Development (netFWD) will provide an innovative forum for dialogue, contribute to new thinking on development strategies and influence policy, and the international development agenda.

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The OECD Development Centre works on a number of cutting-edge themes through its development networks, ranging from global philanthropy to new dynamics of emerging markets through a private sector angle. The networks allow members to engage in lesson learning, policy dialogue while benefiting from the OECD’s expertise and access to policymakers.


Effective Global Philanthropy


Venture Philanthropy


Youth Empowerment


Private Sector

Philanthropic foundations play an important role in supporting sustainable development in developing countries – not only in mobilising financial resources, but also as development actors in their own right. netFWD works to include foundations more strategically in global policy dialogues and high-level fora while facilitating collaboration between foundations and other development actors such as aid donors.


netFWD allows its members to explore cutting edge themes and look into innovative trends in the philanthropic sector. Specifically, netFWD brings together foundations interested in enterprise-based approaches - commonly associated with the term venture philanthropy- and brokers dialogue on their role in development efforts

  Building on synergies with DEV’s work on social cohesion and the African Economic Outlook, netFWD explores the nexus of philanthropy and youth empowerment and has researched foundations’ innovative approaches to support youth in collaborations with a  variety of foundations.  

With the central role that the private sector plays in global development efforts, EMnet offers a platform for dialogue and networking between private companies from developed economies and their counterparts based in emerging markets on ways to optimise their development-orientated activities.