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Better integration of immigrant workers would enhance their contribution to Kyrgyzstan’s economy, says new ILO-OECD Development Centre report


Immigrant workers do contribute significantly to Thailand’s economy, says new ILO-OECD Development Centre report (also available in thai)


To make Viet Nam’s economic boom more inclusive, invest more in the disadvantaged and rural youth, says new report (en français)


Digitalisation key to sustaining growth in Emerging Asia, says new report


Revenue mobilisation in Africa continues to improve, says new report (en français)


Panama stands to benefit from tackling inequalities, gaps in education and skills and informality to maintain its economic progress, says new report (also available en español)


Ministers rethink development and call for a new box of domestic and international co-operation tools (disponible en français)


A National Youth Strategy would help Peru reap its demographic dividend, says new OECD Development Centre study (also available in español)


Falls in tax revenue weaken domestic resource mobilisation in developing Asia


Compétences, compétitivité et cohérence des politiques publiques : trois leviers pour accélérer le développement du Maroc


Unlock the potential of African entrepreneurs for accelerating Africa’s industrial transformation, says the African Economic Outlook 2017 (also available in français  português )

23/03/2017 Latin America and the Caribbean: Tax revenues continue to rise despite low economic growth (also available in español)  
15/12/2016 Increased investment in renewable energy is key to spur sustainable growth in Emerging Asia (also available in Chinese / Malay)  
12/12/2016 Better international co-ordination could lead to more worldwide benefits from migration (also available in French)  
29/11/2016 Tax revenues continue to rise, but scope remains for increased tax mobilisation in emerging Southeast Asian economies  
28/10/2016 Empowering the 40% of young Latin Americans not in formal jobs, education or training could spark new growth engines, says latest Latin American Economic Outlook (Also available in españolportuguês français)  
17/10/2016 The increased cost of air pollution in Africa calls for urgent mitigation action, says new OECD Development Centre study (en français)  
14/10/2016 OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría presents new OECD studies with economic and social recommendations to Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (also Available in Español)  
06/10/2016 Keeping the momentum of successful pro start-ups policies in Latin America is essential, says new OECD Development Centre report (also Available in Español)  
29/09/2016 Leaders gathered at the OECD call for tapping cities’ potential to foster Africa’s economic transformation  
26/09/2016 Latin America and the Caribbean: Low personal income taxes lead to lower taxes on wages compared with OECD (Also available in españolportuguês)  
24/06/2016 Côte d’Ivoire working to become an emergent economy by 2020, with the help of the OECD’s Multi-dimensional Country Review (Also available in: français)  
23/06/2016 Agriculture offers great opportunities to drive development of Myanmar economy, says new OECD Development Centre report  
14/06/2016 Near-term moderate growth in ASEAN, says Update of the OECD Economic Outlook for Southeast Asia, China and India 2016 (Also available in: Tiếng Việt, 中文Malay한국어bahasa Indonesia日本語)  
02/06/2016 The OECD Development Centre welcomes Japan’s joining  (Also available in:  日本語)  
23/05/2016 Africa: Economic transformation hinges on unlocking potential of cities, says the African Economic Outlook 2016 (Also available in: françaisportuguês)  
20/04/2016 The OECD Development Centre releases toolkit to tackle corruption in the extractive value chain at the 2016 OECD Integrity Forum (Also available in: français)  
14/04/2016 Japan to rejoin the OECD Development Centre (Also available in:  française / 日本語)  
01/04/2016 Rising tax revenues are key to economic development in African countries - Revenue Statistics in Africa  
31/03/2016 2016 OECD Global Forum on Development : From commitment to implementation of the SDGs: better policies, data and financing are key  
31/03/2016 Tackling rural development is essential for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, says new OECD Development Centre report  
16/03/2016 Latin America and the Caribbean: Tax revenues rise slightly but remain well below OECD levels (also available in: français / español / português )  
04/03/2016 Multi-dimensional Review of Uruguay (Also available in: español  
20/01/2016 Multi-dimensional Review of Kazakhstan - Initial findings  
21/12/2015 La Côte d’Ivoire envisage un plan stratégique pour son Émergence en 2020 dans le cadre de l’Examen multidimensionnel par Pays de l’OCDE  
11/12/2015 The time is now for a new Latin America-China partnership to foster mutual development strategies, says the Latin American Economic Outlook 2016 (Also available in: français / español / português / Chinese)  
20/11/2015 Strengthening regional ties is key to maintain Emerging Asia’s growth momentum, says Economic Outlook for Southeast Asia, China and India 2016  
07/10/2015 OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría presents new Multi-Dimensional Country Review to Peruvian President Ollanta Humala (Also available in: français / español)  
09/09/2015 Africa Forum 2015 - High-level international conference in Berlin: leaders call for renewed momentum  
19/08/2015 Increasing tax revenues is crucial to development in emerging Asian economies  
14/07/2015 The OECD Development Centre announces the “Foundations Accelerating Impact 2030” initiative and discusses how to leverage migration, remittances and diaspora, during the Third International Conference on Financing for Development  
01/07/2015 People’s Republic of China joins the OECD Development Centre / 中华人民共和国加入经合组织发展中心 / La République populaire de Chine rejoint le Centre de développement de l’OCDE  
25/05/2015 Africa: making growth more inclusive hinges on unlocking potential of local economies, says the African Economic Outlook 2015'' (Also available in: français / português)  
31/03/2015 Action is needed to secure future livelihoods in developed and emerging economies, says the OECD Development Centre  
10/03/2015 Latin America and the Caribbean: Tax revenues remain stable (Also available in: españolportuguês)  
14/01/2015 Building on rural sector is key for economic modernisation in Myanmar, says OECD  
9/12/2014 Better education and skills are key to shift the economy up a gear, says latest Latin American Economic Outlook  
27/11/2014 2014 edition of the Social Institutions and Gender Index (SIGI): tackling the root causes of gender inequality is possible and is key to counteracting the negative domino effects of inequality throughout a woman’s life, says the OECD Development Centre  
13/11/2014 Emerging Asia to see healthy medium-term growth but institutional reforms will be critical for future, says the OECD Development Centre  
28/10/2014 Fast growth has contributed to an impressive reduction in poverty but much remains to be done to preserve social cohesion in Viet Nam, says OECD Development Centre  
06/10/2014 Africa Forum 2014: New OECD Development Centre’s Africa Action Plan to support the continent’s integration and transformation agenda  
02/07/2014 Boosting productivity key for developing economies to close income gap with advanced countries, says OECD Development Centre  
19/05/2014 African countries need to tap global markets more effectively to strengthen their economies, says new African Economic Outlook  
20/01/2014 Latin America: Tax revenues continue to rise, but are low and varied among countries, according to new OECD-ECLAC-CIAT report  
18/10/2013 Innovation, diversification and better logistics key to sustainable and inclusive growth, says latest Latin American Economic Outlook  
18/07/2013 Getting Rich before Growing Old: Jump-starting development in Myanmar ahead of population ageing, says OECD report  
27/05/2013 Natural resources can fuel Africa’s economic transformation  
03/10/2012 Foundations add their voice to the global development debate  

Rising tax revenues: a key to economic development in Latin American countries



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