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Development Week 2014

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 Over 450 development actors participated in this year’s DEV Week. OECD and non-OECD countries, regional development institutions and observers shared their expertise in a fruitful policy dialogue.

The OECD Development Centre held four annual events and three thematic meetings in Paris from 30 June to 3 July 2014. The 2nd High-level Meeting marked a decisive moment in DEV Week. Members endorsed the future strategies of the Development Centre for the 2015-16 biennium and beyond. They agreed on the importance of four key areas in the Centre’s ongoing work: inclusive societies; competitive economies; regional and national analyses.

The Development Centre warmly thanks Governing Board members, speakers, partner institutions, its personnel and other OECD colleagues for making this a successful week for development!

Summary Record
 of the Global Forum on Development

Report of the High-Level Panel on “Gender equality in the post-2015 agenda: the importance of social norms for inclusive development”

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Latin American Network of Regional Policies

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The interim meeting of the Latin American Network of Regional Policies for Development took place between 16 and 19 July in Mexico City.

This event, not only served as the main platform for discussing the current role of regional policies in Latin America, but also as a forum to discuss the Regional Development Scan (RDS) for Mexico.

The objective of the RDS is to promote the discussion, and share experiences, on regional development policies across Latin-American countries. The results will be presented in a report co-ordinated by the Development Centre.

The RDS shows that regional disparities in Mexico remain a key issue for both equity and efficiency. Mexican authorities are currently carrying out a series of reforms that seem to point out in the right direction. Nevertheless, in order to effectively reduce differences in well-being across regions, authorities should further focus on enhancing governance mechanisms, introduce multi-year budgeting instruments, and boost productivity in south and southeast regions.

Asian Regional Roundtable

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The third Joint Asian Regional Roundtable, which brought together representatives of the 3 partnering organisations (OECD,AMRO and ADB) and senior policy makers from Emerging Asian countries, was held on 29 July in Manila, Philippines.

This event promotes knowledge sharing on near-term macroeconomic policies and medium-term growth/structural policy challenges in the region. Topics such as the impact of US monetary normalisation, the role of institution and inclusive growth were discussed in this 3rd regional roundtable.

The interim results from the Economic Outlook for Southeast Asia, China and India 2015: Strengthening Institutional Capacity and also the recently-released Revenue Statistics in Asian Countries provided a basis for discussion of the roundtable.

This Month

Development Week 2014

Latin American Network of Regional Policies

Asian Regional Roundtable

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Upcoming Events

• Montevideo, 14/8/2014 
Presentation of the Multi-dimensional Review of Uruguay

• Lusaka, 18-19/09/2014 
Roundtable discussion on “Promoting Structural Change for Creating Employment” at the next annual PEGNET conference

• Paris, 6/10/2014 
14th International Economic Forum on Africa - Register here

• Kuala Lumpur, 28-29/10/2014
Third Plenary Meeting of the OECD Initiative on Global Value Chains, Production Transformation and Development

Did you know?

…the AEO 2014 regional and thematic editions are now available online

…income levels in most developing and emerging countries will not catch up with advanced economies for many decades without efforts to boost productivity.

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