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Latin American Economic Outlook 2015


The Latin American Economic Outlook 2015, focusing on Education, Skills and Innovation for Development, was launched on 9 December during the XXIV Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government that took place in Veracruz, Mexico.

The 2015 edition highlights the importance of education, skills and innovation for strengthening domestic sources of growth and making it more equitable. On average, the gap in education performance for a student in secondary school in Latin America relative to an OECD student is still quite high: the equivalent of 2.4 additional years of schooling. Limitations in the quality of education are also reflected in the skill shortages and mismatches in the labour market, severely affecting the competitiveness of Latin American companies.

The report was launched at a high-level session with the President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Jose Antonio Meade, the President of the Inter-American Development Bank, Luis Alberto Moreno, the Secretary General of SEGIB, Rebeca Grynspan, and the heads of the three partner institutions producing the report, namely Angel Gurría (OECD), Alicia Bárcena (UN/ECLAC) and Enrique García (CAF).

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Social Institutions and Gender Index


On 27 November 2014, the OECD Development Centre launched the third edition of its Social Institutions and Gender Index at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Oslo, Norway.

SIGI 2014 reveals promising initiatives to tackle discriminatory social norms, that have allowed countries at different levels of development to make important strides in reducing gender discrimination. However, in both developing and OECD countries, gaps and challenges remain that affect women's socio-economic and political rights as well as freedom from violence.

The 2014 edition highlights that violence against women is a global pandemic, perpetuated by social norms. 35% of women believe that domestic violence is justified under certain conditions, ranging from 3% in Jamaica to 92% in Guinea. 30% of women have been victims of gender-based violence in their lifetime, ranging from 7% in Canada to almost 80% in Angola. Moreover, women continue to be denied land rights across 102 countries through discriminatory laws or customary practices, which has a direct negative impact on their decision-making authority within their family and their economic empowerment opportunities.

The full results are available at

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OECD Development Centre DEV Talks


The OECD Development Centre DEV Talks series continues to nurture the debate on subjects at the crossroads of economic growth and well-being. Through these meetings the Centre engages with individual partners and organisations, exchanging fresh perspectives and thought-provoking ideas.

The series was rolled out in October 2014 just a week after the presidential polls in Brazil, and focused on the challenges facing newly re-elected Dilma Rousseff. Other DEV Talks have showcased Jesús Gracia Aldaz, Secretary of State for Latin American Affairs and for International Development Cooperation of Spain, on the topic “Renewed international cooperation priorities for economic and inclusive development in Latin America”, as well as Chilean author Andrés Solimano on his latest book “Economic Elites, Crises and Democracy”.

For future DEV Talks, please consult our online event calendar

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Latin American Economic Outlook 2015

Social Institutions and Gender Index

OECD Development Centre DEV Talks

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• Yangon, 14/01/2015
Launch Multi-dimensional Review of Myanmar - Volume 2

• Paris, 26/01/2015
DEV Talks – IDB presentation of study on Latin America’s participation in global value chains

• Rabat, 9/02/2015
African countries, Revenue Statistics

• London, 25/02/2015
netFWD Brainstorming Workshop on Impact

Did you know?

…agricultural income per capita in Myanmar is about USD 200 per year, the lowest among its Asian neighbours

…in Latin America, only 56% of students in the poorest quarter of the population attend secondary school, versus 87% of students in the wealthiest quarter

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