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 10 November 2016 




Focus on Latin America



Latin America is assessing bold action to jumpstart inclusive economic growth and forge productive futures for more of its citizens, including the youth. 


Youth, skills and entrepreneurship are at the heart of the Latin American Economic Outlook 2017. What do you do with 163 million people between the ages of 15 and 29 — a quarter of Latin America’s population — who seek futures of economic prosperity and inclusion in a region whose once promising economy and social progress are now slowing down? The Outlook argues that the key to igniting economic growth and boosting productivity requires investing in youth through better education, improved skills and entrepreneurship opportunities.
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Peru’s agenda: economic diversification, better transport connectivity and tackling informality

Startups are revealing a different, more dynamic side of LATAM Informality in LATAM: OECD report shows that the cost of formality is too high  

Taxing Wages in Latin America  






How do we unleash the power of philanthropy to be agents of development change?


Understanding student performance beyond traditional factors: Evidence from PISA


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Schools’ inputs, students’ characteristics and performance in Latin America



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From "The Economist": Informality in Latin America


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