Communication and development

The 2008 DevCom Annual Meeting


Hosted by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the 2008 Annual Meeting of the DevCom Network took place from 20-22 October in Washington, DC.

Plenary I: What Have We Accomplished: Where Are We Headed?
The first Plenary reviews the goals and objectives of the Conference and summarizes progress since the last DevCom Annual Meeting in Portugal.
-- Welcome, Orientation & Agenda Review
-- Donor Communication Profiles (Presentation and Round Table Discussion)
-- Status of DevCom Network: Looking Back (2007-08) & Looking Ahead (2009-10)
-- DAC Communications Strategy II
-- The Importance of Communications for Development
-- Communication Strategies: Best Practices Roundtable

Plenary II: From the Accra Action Agenda (AAA) to Doha and Beyond
The Accra High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness was a turning point for assessing aid effectiveness culminating in the Accra Action Agenda. The second Plenary focuses on what does the -- AAA mean for those charged with communicating the AAA and development success in general. What approaches are right for domestic and international audiences?
-- The AAA Message: Discussing a Communications Plan for the AAA
-- Roundtable Discussion
-- BBC World Debate on HLF3 in Accra (Video presentation)
-- Reaching Out Publicly to Engage Moderate Voices


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