Communication and development

Round-Table Conference on “Multilateral Aid & the Broad Public: Improving Results Communication”


22 - 23 March 2010 in Tunis

This joint African Development Bank (AfDB) / DevCom Initiative aims to improve the practice of communicating on multilateral aid to the broad public.



Below are the presentations shared during this Round-Table:


Communicators from bilateral ministries and agencies perceive communicating on multilateral aid as a controversial issue and define it as one of the most difficult tasks in their daily work. How to explain to members of parliament and the broad public why large parts of ODA go to multilateral institutions and development banks? What is the added value of dealing with multilaterals? How to manage for development results of multilateral aid? How can multilateral institutions support communicators in communicating on multilateral aid to their domestic constituencies? 


The objectives of this Round-Table were to:

  • open a debate about current challenges and concrete responses to the demands of communicating on multilateral aid;
  • provide an up-to-date overview on existing tools to communicate on multilateral aid by exploring experiences and sharing best practice among practitioners from various institutions;
  • give bilateral institutions the opportunity to articulate their needs;
  • offer a showcase to multilateral institutions on what they have to offer to their stakeholders;
  • seek ways in which multi- and bilateral institutions can work closer together in terms of development communication in general and more specifically in communicating about results;
  • identify follow up actions in regards to needs and challenges.


  • Communicators from bilateral ministries and agencies;
  • Communicators from multilateral institutions;
  • Experts such as MOPAN (Multilateral Organisations Performance Assessment Network).


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