Communication and development

Publications on public awareness


DAC member countries


Chapter 19: Public Perceptions, Development Education and Development Research from The Australian Overseas Aid Program: One Clear Objective - Poverty Reduction Through Sustainable Development (April 1997)



Development Education Strategy Plan 2007–2011, Irish Aid



Programming guidelines and directions 2010-2012, Italian Development Co-operation



Executive summary of the Development Education Strategy Paper. The full report Estrategia de Educación para el Desarrollo de la Cooperación Española is available in Spanish, Spanish Development Cooperation (2007)


United Kingdom

Research Paper No.1: Global Dimension In Secondary Schoo, Development Education Research Centre (2011).

Research Paper No.2: Young People and International Development: Engagement and Learning, Development Education Research Centre (2011).


Non-DAC member countries


National Report on Global Education in Poland - The European Global Education Peer Review Process (December 2009)




Policy Insight 87: The Fallout from the Financial Crisis (5): The financial crisis – the end of public support for development aid?  (2008), Policy Insights No.87. By Robert Zimmerman.


DEV Centre Policy Brief No 35: Building Public Awareness of Development. Communicators, Educators and Evaluation (2008), Development Centre Policy Brief No.35. By Annette Scheunpflug and Ida McDonnell.


Communication and Public Awareness in the DAC Peer Review of Spain, Extracts from the full report of the DAC Peer Review of Spain (November 2007)


MDGs, Taxpayers and Aid Effectiveness (2005), Policy Insights No.13. By Ida Mc Donnell and Henri-Bernard Solignac Lecomte.

Public Opinion Polling and the Millennium Development Goals (2004), Working Paper No. 238. By Fransman, MacDonald, Mc Donnell & Pons-Vignon.


MDGs, Taxpayers and Aid Effectiveness (2004), Policy Insights No.2. By Jude Fransman and Henri-Bernard Solignac Lecomte.

The UN Millennium Development Goals: awareness in the Netherlands, and comparisons from other DAC member surveys (2003), NCDO, Netherlands. By Ida Mc Donnell, Piet van Harn and Henny Helmich , 

An International Perspective on Communication Strategies for the Millennium Development Goals (2003), NCDO, Netherlands. By Ida Mc Donnell

Public Opinion and the Fight against Poverty (2003), Development Centre Study in collaboration with the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe. By Mc Donnell, Ida, H-B Solignac Lecomte and L. Wegimont (eds).


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