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Development Redux


Development Redux: the OECD Development Centre's40th Anniversary

The end of the fourth decade of the Development Centre's existence coincides with a re-evaluation of concepts of development as we have known them. As part of this re-evaluation, the Centre's staff have produced a collection of reflections and recommendations on development issues based on the experience of the past 40 years and our own research. This compendium is linked with personal views from personalities closely associated with the Centre on its past achievements and future challenges in a book entitled "Development Is Back" . The volume was published on October 23.

This section of our site presents material relating to Redux -project. We have included lists of Development Centre publications grouped thematically since the beginning, as well as lists of people who have worked with us in a number of capacities. Clearly, this is work in progress and the material will be refined as the Redux project continues. In addition, selected articles from the volume will be added to the site as they become available.