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DevCom/DFID workshops - 11 October, London


The workshop "Web 2.0 & Social Media in Development Communication" took place on 11 October in London, United Kingdom. It was co-organised by DevCom, the Informal Network of DAC Development Communication, and DFID, the UK Department of International Development.


  • Session I: Introduction: Web 2.0 for Development
  • Session II: Peer Learning by and for DevCom members I – good practice from bilateral donors
  • Session III: Peer Learning by and for DevCom members II – good practice from multilaterals
  • Session IV:  Parallel Working Groups
  • Wrap Up & Next Steps


  • Empower development communicators to innovate their messaging about development and embrace opportunities for a two-way communication with a broader constituency offered by Web2.0;
  • Learn from organisations who effectively use Web 2.0 tools for disseminating development results, awareness-raising and public debate;
  • Discover tips on increasing the impact of communication on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc., and understand the basics of social media monitoring and evaluation;
  • Provide personalised guidance on how DevCom members’ websites and social media practices can be enhanced.


The topic of social media continues to arouse interest among development experts who need to be aware how they could effectively and strategically use Web 2.0 tools to publish development results so that they can reach and engage different audiences. New tools and channels are being developed all the time, and it is important to understand the relevance of social media to an organisations communication goals to then be able to evaluate what is needed and put Web 2.0 skills into practice.


The workshop brought together ideas of DevCom members in a way that facilitated peer learning. A short survey of social media adoption by DevCom members was carried out before the workshop. The survey aimed to clarify existing use of social media, capture best practices, and extend the knowledge of how the tools are being deployed across different donor institutions for development communication. The results of the survey constituted a basis for further discussions during the training. Participants took away practical tips for building a social media strategy to support their communication goals. The outcomes of the workshop contributed to the preparation of the Web 2.0 Practical Guide for Development Communicators for DevCom members.

Target Group

  • Professional communicators from bilateral ministries/agencies from donor countries and multilateral donor institutions (regional development banks, World Bank, UNDP);
  • Experts from donor institutions interested in the topic of communicating development results through social media.


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