Communication and development

DevCom annual meetings from 2001 to 2004


Annual meeting 2004 | 14-15 June in Stockholm, Sweden
This meeting was jointly organised by the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and SIDA.
-- Polling Public Opinion
-- Support to the MD and the MDGs
-- MDGs and the necessity for Policy Coherence and Implications for HOIs’ work
-- Information sharing between DAC/Dev Centre and HOI

Annual meeting 2003 | 5-6 June in Ottawa, Canada

Annual meeting 2002 "Exploring the Feasibility of Conducting a Joint Survey on Public Opinion" | 27-28 May in Paris, France
-- Presentation of survey methodology and experience in public opinion polls
-- Presentation of UN campaign to promote the MDGs
-- Presentation of Eurobarometer’s experience in pan-European Union
-- Presentation of a series of intercultural studies on the basis of interviews with representative population samples from some 60 countries

Annual meeting 2001 | 5-6 April in London, UK
-- Session 1: Public Information and education on international development: Reports from participants on key developments in DAC member countries
-- Session 2: Discussion on "Influencing television coverage of developing countries"
-- Session 3: Development Education: Discussion on trends in the UK and internationally
-- Session 4: Working together on public information: key messages and possibilities for collaboration


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