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May 2012


The Product Space and the Middle-Income Trap: Comparing Asian and Latin American experiences


Rapid and sustained economic growth in the emerging world has brought new countries into the group of middle income countries.

Reaching this level of income, however, has historically presented countries with a new set of development challenges, even slowing economic growth, a phenomena which is known as the Middle Income Trap (PDF). This working paper (PDF), produced and presented by the OECD Development Centre compares the divergent experiences of East Asia and Latin America with the Middle Income Trap. Policy makers fom both regions participated in a dialogue on this work at the Chinese Social Forum 2012 World Economic Transformation: the Options for China and Latin America & the Caribbean jointly organised by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), Institute of Latin American Studies (ILAS), and the Latin American Development Bank (CAF) on 8 May in Beijing. This event assembled experts from Chinese Government, private banking, international organisations and academia.

As part of the Centre's ongoing collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the Latin American Economic Outlook 2012 on Transforming the State for Development was also presented - a tradition that has existed since 2008.

New Report: African Ecoomic Outlook 2012: Promoting Youth Employment


The latest edition of the OECD Development Centre's flagship publication, The African Economic Outlook, will be released on 28 May, 2012.

Find out all the latest information on the economies of Africa at the launch of the 2012 edition of the African Economic Outlook on Monday, 28 May in Arusha, Tanzania at the Annual Meetings of the African Development Bank. The full report will also be available at, including the full, country specific economic reports for 53 out of the 54 African countries which will be available only online. The 2011 and 2012 growth forecasts and figures will be released along with this year's special report on Promoting Youth Employment.

SIGI 2012 Launched in Washington


"We have to move from the anecdotal to the comprehensive. Armed with the facts, we have to explain why, if you care about growth, you must care about women." Chief Economist Heidi Crebo-Rediker, Launch event for the 2012 SIGI, Washington. See full speech.

The Social Institutions and Gender Index (SIGI) was launched in Washington DC on 10 May. The 2012 results (PDF) show "promising progress in some areas, although underlying discrimination against women persists."

OECD Development Centre, Participants at the event underscored the link between innovative measurement tools like SIGI and development policy. Steve Radelet, Chief Economist of USAID drew out the links between the 2012 SIGI findings and USAID programmes, concluding that the SIGI is a pioneering tool and a reminder that investing in gender equality is effective development.

Mr. Inderjeet Singh of the Central Statistics Office, Government of India, then shared the SIGI India pilot and explained how the SIGI framework (PDF) would be adapted to the Indian context to build the evidence base of how discriminatory social institutions shape gender equality outcomes in selected states of India.

Ms Asma Khader, Secretary-General of the Jordanian National Commission on Women, shared insights from the Middle East and North Africa region. She emphasized the role of women's movements in driving change and the persisting challenges for women in the region.

Click here for more information on the launch.

Aujourd'hui le Maroc - Conférence africaine : Appel à l'avénement d'une statistique citoyenne

L'Economiste - Le HCP veut mesurer le bien-être des citoyens

France Culture - INTERVIEW - Imposer pour développer : l'enjeu de la fiscalité en Afrique - Henri-Bernard Solignac-Lecomte

Deutsche Welle - INTERVIEW - Migration et développement: David Khoudour-Casteras

RFI - INTERVIEW - La croissance économique africaine suscite l'optimisme : Bakary Traoré©




17 Presentation of the Latin American Economic Outlook 2012 at the University of Edinburgh during the Latin American Forum titled "Business Opportunities in Latin America: Shifting Perspectives"
Watch the Forum website for more information or contact


25 The 4th edition of the International Economic Forum on Latin America and the Caribbean will take place in Paris. Co-organised by the OECD Development Centre, the Inter-American Development Bank and the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry.
Watch the Forum website for more information :


28 Launch of the 2012 African Economic Outlook in Arusha, Tanzania. For more information, go to or e-mail us at


28-30 International conference on "China, Latin America and the Caribbean: Challenges for the 21st century" at the National University of Mexico, Mexico City. For more information:

12-13 2nd Meeting of the Latin America and the Caribbean "Tax Policy Forum best practices in the use of tax incentives for Investment and Informality" orgnaised with OECD Centre for Tax Policy and Administration (CTP). Bogota, Colombia. For more information,


Henri-Bernard Solignac-Lecomte, Head of the Africa Desk, in a televised debate on Africa 24's Africa News Room talking about Africa's economic integration: should African Union member countries create a central bank and common currency?




 The number of countries scored in the Social Institutions and Gender Index with specific legislation to combat domestic violence has more than doubled from 21 in 2009 to 53 in 2012.


 Some 20% of young Africans, i.e. 40 million, are out of work, of which 22 million are discouraged and not looking for a job.


 Latin America hosts no examples of countries moving from middle to high per capita income levels.


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